Single Phase Electricity

Single phase electricity explained. In this video we learn electrical engineering basics by learning single phase meter wiring diagram. How electricity reaches our homes from the power station, transformer, transmission lines, distribution cables, service head and main fuse, electricity meter, main isolation switch, residual current device and circuit breaker. Electricity basics, how electricity works.

Star Delta Starter

Star Delta Starters Explained. How do star-delta starters work for three-phase induction motors and why do we use star-delta starters. We cover the basics of how three-phase induction motors work. The basics of each star and delta configuration, a wiring diagram, animations of star delta starters and some simplified worked example calculations.

What is an LED?

In 1961 two researchers, Robert Biard and Gary Pittman discovered that a certain compound was capable of emitting infrared radiation when passed through an electric current. This compound is GAAS (Gallium Arsenide), this compound is used in the manufacture of rectifier diodes and others. However, ultraviolet radiation cannot be seen with the naked eye, so in 1962, … Read more