What is an LED?

In 1961 two researchers, Robert Biard and Gary Pittman discovered that a certain compound was capable of emitting infrared radiation when passed through an electric current. This compound is GAAS (Gallium Arsenide), this compound is used in the manufacture of rectifier diodes and others. However, ultraviolet radiation cannot be seen with the naked eye, so in 1962, … Read more

How to identify capacitors.

Capacitors are devices designed to store electrical charges. The amount of charge that a capacitor can store is called capacitance. Capacitors are basically made up of a dielectric material and a conductive material. Dielectric materials can be ceramic, paper, air, among others. The conductive material is usually aluminum. Both in sheets, the dielectric is always between the plates of conductive materials, where … Read more

What is frequency and its characteristics?

In physics, frequency is a quantity that indicates the number of events in a given period of time (cycles, turns, oscillations, etc.). We can also measure the elapsed time of each oscillation, this measurement is called a period. The frequency usually the fluctuations of some property, such as the current alternating electric. The frequency is represented by the letter f ,  and … Read more