What is Motor Efficiency and How to improve it?

The motor is a piece of machinery that serves the purpose of converting a certain (electrical) input into an optimized (mechanical) output. This relation between the output and the input is of great importance because if this ratio (efficiency) is high the system has reduced losses and increased work done but if this ratio is low the system suffers losses in terms of work done and finance also. In simpler words, the efficiency of the motor is the link between its mechanical outputs as per electrical input, it is symbolized as “η” and represented in %.

Efficiency = η = (Output / Input) x 100

By keeping in checking the below-mentioned points, the efficiency of the motor can be increased:

  1. The motor frame should be of such type that it loses heat in the surrounding and not in the frame.
  2. Increase the electrical resistance of the stator to improve stator losses.
  3. Decrease the slip to avoid the losses caused by the slip.

By controlling the eddy current and hysteresis losses

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