What makes Electrical Engineering a Good Branch?



Electrical Engineering is for the headstrong, fearless and most attentive people because you can get away unscathed from minor accident or breakdown involving most other engineering streams but there won’t possibly be a second to regret if something goes wrong on the electrical front. A mistake will more often than not prove fatal. That is perhaps the reason you might not hear people boast that they are Electrical Engineers because we know what we do is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Electrical Engineering basically aims to empower the world with what has almost become a basic need today, ELECTRICITY. It, more or less, is an Electrical Engineer’s duty to see that everyone has an uninterrupted power supply to:
1. The machines that make jobs easier for us. (Something Mechanical Engineers boast of)
2. Computers that store the most important data in the world and run the World as it is today. (Something Computer Engineers are openly proud of)
3. Electronics that have the whole world on their feet as a necessity rather than an obsession. (Something Electronics Engineers boast of)

Basically, we work so that other streams of engineering may run and then they can proudly show how they have transformed human civilization. We are what lies in the background letting everything else take away our credit because we don’t have enough time for pride, coz if we blink, somewhere on the planet a house goes dark. We enlighten everything and thus pride is hardly the feeling we get to experience, it’s usually taken over by the feeling of immense responsibility. So proud or not, an electrical engineer has a lot of other feelings which in my opinion are far more important. Look at it this way, without electricity we are nothing more than what early men were. Today electricity is at par with money when it comes to human needs, we can’t survive without either.