How to replace fluorescent lamp with LED?

The LED lamp is undoubtedly the best option in relation to other models of lamps, such as fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lamps, because in addition to having a relatively lower energy consumption, it has a longer useful life, efficiency among other advantages. We will show some characteristics of LED lamps, and mainly how to replace fluorescent lamps with LED lamps. Come on, guys!

Led lamp

LED lamps are lamps made by an electronic component capable of generating light, which requires extremely low power, this component is the LED (Light Emitting Diode), which translates to the light-emitting diode.

Due to the low consumption characteristic, LED lamps to require a smaller amount of electrical power to generate the same luminous flux as an incandescent lamp, LED lamps do not use a ballast, the quality of the light is visibly comfortable, has the low generation of heat; allows the replacement of an incandescent bulb for an LED bulb, due to the lamp bases being the same size, greater durability in comparison to other lamps, besides being easy to dispose and recycle.

How to replace a fluorescent lamp with led.

Led Lamp: How to change?

Changing the fluorescent lamp for an LED lamp may seem to be complicated, but in fact it is the opposite, it is even simpler than you think, just pay attention to the connection scheme of each lamp, so that no problems occur.

Before starting the process to change the fluorescent lamp to the LED one, we must pay attention to certain details, especially in relation to safety. Turn off the circuit breaker that belongs to the circuit where the lamps will be changed and make sure that no one will turn on the circuit breaker.

For this type of service, be careful with your eyes and mouth, as it is very common to have a lot of dirt accumulated inside the lamp box, which is harmful to your health, so we recommend the use of a mask and goggles.

Another extremely important detail is to pay attention to the connection scheme of each model of the LED lamp, as there are lamps that change the correct way to install, and if this installation is done improperly, the lamp will certainly burn out.

The first step to replace the lamp is to remove the fluorescent lamp, so we remove the protection grid, the lamp, the fixing screws on the ceiling and very carefully remove the lamp.

We must remove the ballast from the fluorescent lamp, because the LED lamp does not need a ballast to function, this being another advantage, saving space. If you want to save cables and they are still preserved, you can cut the cables that come out of the reactor, use cutting pliers.

There are basically two different connection configurations for LED lamps, so we must pay attention to the type of lamp that will be installed. See the two settings.

Install LED lamp: Configuration 1

In this configuration, the lamp is powered only on one side, so the socket on the other end of the lamp must be left with no cable connected, ie without power, as this socket will only serve to support the lamp.

Therefore, on the other side, we must supply normal power, on one terminal we connect the return cable and on the remaining terminal, we must connect the return cable that comes from the switch. See the connection diagram in the image below:

Installation of the tubular LED lamp.

Install LED lamp: Configuration 2

In this second configuration, installation is also simple, as the LED lamp is powered from both sides, as well as the fluorescent lamp. The only difference is that for most LED lamps in this configuration, just connect one of the socket terminals, as internally there is already a connection between the terminals.

Another way to do this installation is to connect the terminals of the same socket, which will be no problem. The diagram in the image below shows exactly the two ways to perform this installation.

Installation of the tubular LED lamp.

To facilitate understanding, the video below shows step by step how to replace the tubular fluorescent lamp with a tubular LED lamp.

We finished one more article and we hope to have helped to clarify doubts related to how to replace the fluorescent lamp with an LED lamp. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!