10 Curiosities about electricity.

The field of electricity is immense, vast and every day new discoveries are made and bring more technology and innovation to the human being, many curious things are observed in this area of ​​study. What promotes these innumerable discoveries is the curiosity of the human being.

Curiosity is defined as the intense desire to see, hear, know, experience something new, original and unknown and also the desire to learn. Curiosity is like a vicious cycle because the more you discover, the more you want to discover. At some points, curiosity is unusual and reveals situations or facts only known to some.

We have listed ten facts about electricity that are not widely known and are doubts for many people.

  •  Electricity was not invented as many people think, it has always been around and it is a natural phenomenon, many people think that people like Tesla or Thomas Edison were the inventors of electricity.
  •  The orange and reddish balls placed on the high voltage wires that cross the highways serve as visual signals for aircraft pilots when they have to use the roads for emergency landings.
  •  The oldest electrical equipment that has been discovered to date is the Baghdad Battery, which according to specialists is approximately 2000 years old, although it is very rustic, it has all the characteristics of an ordinary battery.

Transmission line flags.

  •  Most people who are severely electrocuted do not die because of the electrical effects on the body, but because of the thermal effects that are caused by electrocution.
  • Brazil is the country that has the highest incidence of lightning strikes per year from famous rays.
  • Although we are always in an electricity crisis, the Brazilian consumes on average much less electricity than other countries, mainly because our winter is not as rigorous as in other countries, in these countries consumption increases due to a large number of space heating devices.
  • Refrigerators and freezers consume more energy if they are close to the stove, as they need to compensate for the heat around them, and for that they consume more energy.
  • Some fish use electricity to kill their prey. The eel, the ray, and the torpedo are some of those fish. The eel can emit electric discharges of 600 volts, enough to paralyze an adult man.
  • Campos do Goytacazes in 1883, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, was the first city to have public lighting in Brazil. The service was inaugurated by the emperor Dom Pedro II. With a steam thermoelectric plant, and with a power of 52kw, it supplied energy to 39 lamps of two thousand candles each.
  • The electric shower as we know it is a Brazilian invention.

Many other facts can be cited as curiosities in the area of ​​electricity.

And what are the curiosities you know about the world of electrical? Leave your curiosity in the comments.