5 golden rules in electrical work
The issue of safety is always of great importance since at some point it can save lives or accidents, so it is recommended that when working with electrical panels or electrical systems we have to identify how the task will be carried out, with voltage or in the absence of voltage in order to execute the 5 golden rules in electrical work as the case may be.

In each job in the absence of voltage, it is very important to take the appropriate measurements.

1. Disconnect
2. Prevent any possible feedback
3. Verify the absence of tension
4. Ground and short circuit
5. Delimit or mark the work area
5 golden rules

The part of the installation where the work is going to be carried out must be isolated from all the power supplies after cutting all the power supplies, it is recommended to make a small visual inspection of the system components to ensure that the components are disconnected.
In the event that the system contains capacitors or components that remain charged after isolation, they must be downloaded with the necessary tools and measures.


Prevent possible feedback
Once the system is completely isolated, it must be ensured that the system cannot be
re-energized, either intentionally or accidentally. This requires mechanically locking the equipment (such as with padlocks) and/or signalling it to warn against manoeuvring the system.
When remote-controlled devices are used, their erroneous manoeuvre from the remote control must be prevented.

prevent feedback

Verify the absence of voltage
The installation should not be considered de-energized until its verification, the fact of disconnecting does not guarantee that the system is de-energized, since faults in the disconnection components may occur.
The absence of voltage must be verified in each of the phases, in the neutral if they exist and in all the active elements of the system to be worked with the appropriate tools.


Ground and short circuit
The parts of the installation where work is to be carried out must be earthed and short-circuited:
In the event that the line or equipment is put back into power, either by feedback, an accident on another line (insulation failure) or atmospheric discharge (lightning), a short circuit would occur and the fault current would be derived from Earth, leaving the part affected by the works without danger.

The equipment or devices of grounding and in a short circuit:
-They must withstand the maximum intensity without spoiling
-The connections must be mechanically resistant and not come loose at any time
-The connections must be visible from the work area. If the latter is not possible, they should be placed as close to the work area as possible.

short circuit

Delimit or mark the work area
The area where the work is being carried out will be marked by fences, cones or similar devices. If applicable, safe areas will also be marked for personnel who are not working at the facility.

delimit and signal