Corona effect on electricity!

The outbreak of the new Coronavirus in the world has generated concern on a global scale! As a result of this concern, people began to seek information about this virus and prevent it, even so the number of cases of coronavirus in Brazil and in the world was very large.

Did you know that there is an effect on electrical that has the same name as the coronavirus? We are talking about the Corona effect and in this article, the World of Electrical will talk all about it, so come on guys!

Many people, when hearing the corona effect, may think that this electrical phenomenon may be related to this fatal disease that caused many victims, but in this article, we will show that the Corona Effect is quite different from the Coronavirus, although it still offers some risks.

They have the same name but they are different, see why!
Coronavirus or Corona Effect ?? Which will be?!

Corona effect: What is it? As it happens?
Corona effect, Fogo de Santelmo or Corona discharge is the name given to the photochemical effect that occurs when an electric field is deformed. It basically happens when dust particles, air particles or moisture particles come into contact with a strongly charged or very intense electric field. This causes the particles to be ionized generating a luminous manifestation.

This effect is very common on transmission lines and on the surface of some conductors! The corona can be negative or positive, but it depends on the polarity of the electrical potential.

Every electric field generates an intensity, and when it is generated between conductors or between components, the free electrons and ions that are in the air, which is not perfect insulation, are attracted to them.

This attraction accelerates these free electrons and ions, moving them in opposite directions, which ends up generating the collision of the charged particles with the energized and slow molecules.

Due to the increase of the energized particles the conductivity of the air increases, and thus an electric arc is formed between the conductors or the components involved.

See how the corona effect manifests itself.
Manifestations of the Corona Effect!

Corona effect: What consequences can it cause?
This effect happens in a deformed electric field, the cause of this deformation can probably be due to damaged conductors, defective insulators or an accumulation of residues on the conductor’s surface. And because of this, this effect can cause disturbances in the electrical network, which can cause a huge loss of power in the course of a conductor.

In addition, the corona effect can also cause appliances or components to burn due to damage to the internal insulation material. In rainy moments or in storms, the above consequences are heightened!

Corona effect: Can it be used?
The answer is yes, the corona discharge phenomenon can be used and it is done! Corona discharge is used in businesses and industries in many activities that may not be known to many people, such as:

Ozone production
Listening microphone production
Nitrogen Laser Production
Clean air particles in air conditioning units
Treat polymeric film surfaces
Realization of Kirlian Photography
Remove electrical charges on aircraft and others
Corona discharge can be created intentionally to make these uses, but these are just some of the uses of this effect.

Fogo de Santelmo: Why this name?
A curiosity about this effect is that it can also be called Fogo de Santelmo due to sailors from warm and tropical regions.

Before some storms happened, the ionized clouds induced loads on the masts of the ships and this generated a light that sailors associated with fire, they always observed this phenomenon and because their patron saint was Saint Elmo, the name Fogo de Santelmo remained.

Because this corona effect happens a lot in areas with transmission lines, it is necessary to understand a little about this transmission system. For that we recommend that you watch the video below of the World of Electrical on the National Interconnected System, this video will certainly be of great help to increase your knowledge in electrical, help us and enjoying the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

Did you see that although this effect has the same name as the coronavirus, they are very different things? We hope you understood and liked this article, leave your opinion and your doubts below and we will answer it. Keep visiting the Mundo da Elétrica website to stay on top of everything related to electricity, and don’t forget to follow us on our social networks!

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