Installation and maintenance on LED panel!

We know that not all people are able to buy an LED panel, whether or not they want the E-27 ceiling lights to be increasingly obsolete, thus losing space for LED panels. As the number of houses with E-27 ceilings is very large, the switch to LED panels ended up generating job opportunities.

But do you know how to install an LED panel? Not? Know that you are losing money! The installation of the LED panel is very simple, but many people have doubts on how to install it correctly. In this article,

Installation and maintenance on LED panel!

the World of Electrical shows how to install an LED panel. So come on!

What is an LED?
Before installing the LED luminaire, we need to know some basic concepts so as not to make the wrong choice of the LED panel. The first thing is, do you know what LED is? What do you mean? Let’s explain, the acronym LED comes from Light Emitting Diode which means “light-emitting diode”, that is, the LED is a light-emitting diode. The diode is an electronic semiconductor component made of germanium or silicon, which conducts electric current only in a polarization called rectification, being used mainly to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). There are still other types of diodes for certain functions.

The diode is an electronic semiconductor component made of germanium or silicon.
Semiconductor component diode and symbology.

The LED is made with the same technology used in computer chips, which has the ability to transform energy into light. The transformation of electrical energy into light that LEDs do is different from the transformation of incandescent lamps. In LEDs, the transformation is made in solid matter, and in conventional incandescent lamps, they use a metallic filament.

In incandescent lamps, the metal filament heats up in the passage of electric current, whereas in the LED, the emission of light occurs when the electric current travels through the PN junction material (semiconductor diode), emitting infrared radiation. The most important component of an LED is the semiconductor chip, which is responsible for generating light.

The LED is a light-emitting diode.
There are several types of LEDs.

Installation of LED panel
The first question that many people have when installing the LED panel is whether it can be connected directly to power. The LED panel has two parts, the drive that is connected directly to the power, and the LED lamp that is connected to the drive. So the LED panel is not connected directly to the power, but to the drive.

When we buy the LED luminaire the drive comes with it, but it is possible to buy the separate drive in case of maintenance. The drive must support the power of the LED luminaire, for example, in the case of a 25W LED panel, the drive must support the power of 25W, if you need to replace a damaged drive, it must support a power equal to or greater than 25W.

Drive electronic components more sensitive than the LED panel.
Drive and LED luminaire.

Normally when an LED panel goes out, most people understand that it is the LED fixture that burned, but what usually happens is the burning of the drive, because it is composed of several more sensitive electronic components. A tip that can help is to walk with a high power drive in the toolbox, so it is possible to test if the defect is in the LED panel or in the drive.

How to install an LED panel?
Installing the LED luminaire is simple! When purchasing the LED panel, the set comes with a fixing bracket, which has a hole for the ceiling box or 4 × 2 box, and other holes used for fixing to other structures. To install the LED panel correctly, we first fix the bracket to the ceiling pass box, if the box is damaged, you can use the other holes in the bracket to fix it directly to the ceiling using a plug and screw.

The support has a hole for the passage box.
Fixing the bracket in the ceiling passage box.

Now with the support installed, it is necessary to turn off the general circuit breaker or responsible for the lighting circuit. Then just connect the neutral cable and return to the drive. The drive must be powered on the input wires where there is no fitting, then connect the LED luminaire to the practical fitting of the drive, just fit and turn is ready.

Turn off the circuit breaker responsible for the lighting or general circuit.
Drive power and connection of the LED luminaire to the drive.

Finally, with the bracket already fixed to the ceiling, just put the drive inside the LED panel and hook the LED lamp onto the bracket that has a latch, which fits into the LED panel when the luminaire is slid over the socket. Okay, now turn on the circuit breaker and do a test by turning the LED light with switch on and off.

Fix the drive inside the LED panel and hook the LED light onto the bracket.
Fixing the LED panel to the bracket.

It is true that the installation of LED panels can be a great source of money, but for those who are thinking about entering the world of freelancers, check out this video from the World of Electrical talking about the