Shower circuit breaker, which one to use and how to choose?

When should I use a circuit breaker in the electrical installation? Is it necessary to dimension a circuit breaker? How to choose the shower circuit breaker? If you are in doubt, this article from the World of Electrical will provide the answers! We will also show you several tips on electric shower and circuit breakers, come on guys!

Are you an electrician, have you ever been in a residence and come across a circuit breaker inside the bathroom, very close to the shower ? Although many people claim that this is not a problem, know that it is just the opposite, because the circuit breaker installed in this way is too dangerous!

At this point, doubts begin to arise, as many electricians do not know where the shower circuit breaker should be installed! If you are one of them, carefully read the information that we are going to pass on now.

Shower breaker, how to size
Learn how to choose the circuit breaker for the shower

Did you know that there is a minimum distance that the circuit breaker must be from the shower? So how far would that be? Before you think we are trying to create rules, all the information we are going to pass on was based on the NBR 5410 standard.

The standard has an entire chapter talking about showers as well as bathtubs. Item is part of the standard that defines volumes, which are the spaces inside a bathroom, that is, it is the part that matters to answer our question.

In case you don’t know, volume 0 is the water outlet area of a shower or the inside of a bathtub. Therefore, 60 cm in a radius of volume 0, volume 1 is delimited, which would be the area of the bathroom stall. Another 60 cm in the radius of volume 1, volume 2 is delimited. Finally, volume 3 is delimited at 2.4 m from volume 2, as shown in the image below.

Electric shower and protective circuit breaker
Discover the shower volumes according to NBR 5410

Following the guidelines of the standard, it explains which electrical equipment can be inserted in each volume. According to the standard, in volume 1 only the shower point can be installed. In volume 2, only the luminaires can be installed, in addition to other electric water heaters.

The rule is very clear when it says that no protection device, sectioning or control can be installed in volumes 0, 1 and 2. Therefore, we can conclude that the circuit breaker must be installed at least 1.20 m from the shower point, that is, only in volume 3.

Electric shower and protective circuit breaker
Minimum distance for installing a circuit breaker in the bathroom, according to NBR 5410

A lot of people must be wondering, but doesn’t the circuit breaker have to be installed only in the QDC? It is recommended that the installation of the circuit breakers be in the circuit distribution board, however, the standard does not prohibit that there is another board with a circuit breaker for the shower.

Regardless of how many protection frames you have on the property, it is essential that they are always in easily accessible places. Therefore, the QDC should never be behind furniture or worse, in locked rooms.

Also according to the shower installation rules, every shower circuit must also be protected by a residual differential device, the famous DR. Contrary to what many people think, circuit breaker and DR are not the same!

Shower breaker, how to size?
Another important point is the dimensioning of the shower circuit breaker. Several electricians do not know how to define this, and in the video below the World of Electrical you can learn in a very dynamic and objective way, it is very worth watching!