How to sell more? 5 surefire tips for selling more services!

The number of self-employed electricians in Brazil is in high growth, with this raising several doubts on how to sell more services to increase monthly income. In this article, we will show you five surefire tips for selling more services that will lead any salesperson to success.

Five surefire tips for selling more services!

Every self-employed electrician is a salesperson, so it is very important to understand how to best sell your services. When executing the following five tips in the respective sequence, the chances of getting good results are excellent.

First tip: Customer pain and expectation

Pain is what leads the customer to purchase a service or product, a great example to analyze the pain and expectations of the customer is the following situation, imagine that a customer calls an electrician, because the shower is not working. The first pain is that the client will not have the comfort of a good hot bath, but other pains can be identified, and the good service salesperson needs to identify as many pains as possible.

Pain is what drives the customer to purchase a service or product.

In a chat with this shower customer, the electrician can show that the burnt shower will end up delaying the customer for an appointment. The customer can also say that he made another budget and it was expensive, in which case the price can be another pain for the customer.

The pain indicates the customer’s expectation, for example, the comfort of a good shower, the agility the customer expects to perform the service, the price the customer wishes to pay, etc. Understanding all pain is the main factor in understanding expectations because every pain generates an expectation.

Second tip: Explain and be objective

The second tip is on how to explain the service and what will be done to the customer. Now that we have identified the client’s pains and expectations, we must show the client that we understand his pains and, above all, that the expectations that the client has will be met and exceeded by the service. It is important to explain to the customer in the simplest possible language, that the service will be done and how it will be done.

What service will be done and how it will be done.

In the case of the shower we can suggest changing the shower to another model, which can bring more comfort and efficiency, for example, an electronic shower, which has a wider range for changing the temperature. Regarding the pain of agility, show the availability to perform the service at the same time, for this it is important to always have the right tools.

Third tip: Cost, Price and Investment

The right way to  charge  for your service and product is to use the word investment and never use the words cost or price. An investment is the application of resources, which in our case is money, to obtain something, which is the result of a service or a product.

The right way to charge for your service or product.

The client always wants to invest as little financial value as possible to have his expectations and pains resolved. That is why the customer tends to negotiate and this is natural, as a service provider or seller of a product, it is also important to know how to negotiate with the customer.

Fourth tip: How to negotiate with client.

When negotiating with the client it is important to show that your services and products make a difference and are better than those of your competitors, always presenting the benefits and differentials of your services and products to the client, as all of these can help when negotiating.

There are several benefits that can be shown and offered to your customer such as, guarantee, experience, extra services, knowledge, good references etc. This shows your customer that he needs your product or service.

It presents the benefits and differentials of its services and products.

To know what your differentials are, you need to know the competition well, who sells the same products and what these products do, yours must always be the best, be it the service or the product. Never lying to the customer inventing a benefit or advantage that your product or service does not have is fundamental.

Fifth tip: Script development

The last tip is to create the sales script, the previous four tips are the formula for creating your sales script. It is very important to write your sales script in the sequence that will be presented to your customer and it is essential to always rehearse and improve the sales script to be successful in negotiations.

A great tip in the script is to always write down the expectations and pains that customers have already experienced in previous services. This way, you will learn in each budget and sale how to further improve this process.

Create the sales script in the sequence that will be presented to your customer.

You need to study to make a sale, so when you receive a call from a customer, read your script and imagine what the pains and expectations are that that customer may have, imagine different scenarios, that way, you will be well prepared to talk to the customer.

It is necessary to have several sales scripts for each type of service and product, thinking about different scenarios for each customer. Always be attentive to what the customer says and learn how to fish the information that the customer is going through; always use the information that the customer goes through in your favor.

Working as a freelancer is not an easy task. It takes a lot of organization to not fail in your business. Below is a video from the World of Electrical, showing five errors that lead to the bankruptcy of the self-employed.