The installation of drywall passage box does not require cement or breaking walls, just know how to correctly use the saw in the drill. If you have questions about how to install drywall lightbox? 4 × 2 or 4 × 4 drywall box, plaster or MDF pass box in an easy way, Mundo da Elétrica will help you solve this problem using a Starrett 60 saw, come on guys!

Wen the hole with the glass saw has the exact size of the drywall lightbox, the installation of the pass box is much simpler than the masonry pass boxes, since in most cases it is necessary to cut the wall and working with cement. In the case of drywall, basically just drill the drywall board with a saw and fit the passage box.

See how to install drywall pass box

How to install the pass box?

To install the drywall pass box we use an SS8010 drill and a Starrett 60 saw, but if you don’t have the 60 saw you can use another saw and finish or increase the hole using a round file like the one on Starret model L105-108. In the image below you can see these tools that we use!

These were the tools used to install drywall pass box

The first step is to drill, but to define the exact location for drilling with the saw, you must mark the points. Note that in the passage box there are two holes that are just to mark the exact points for drilling with the saw, ie, they must be used to mark the drywall, plaster or MDF, as shown in the image below.

See how to mark for drilling with cup saw

Then you must fit the saw to the body of the drill and carry out the drilling at the marked points. At this point we want to leave a very useful tip, always have a brush in your toolbox, because it will certainly help you in cleaning your work environment!

After drilling, just plug the pass box into the drywall and you’re done! But as we said at the beginning of the article, sometimes the person does not have the cup saw 60 and in this case they will have to finish with a round file, as shown in the image below. The use of suitable and efficient tools greatly speeds up the process, and as in the case of this example we use a great round file, it was much easier to finish the finish.

In some cases, it is necessary to use a round file to finish the box.

Once the hole is in the proper size, just fit the pass box and after it is in the correct position, the next step is to fit the parts that hold the box to the drywall sheet. To do this, you must fit it on the bottom of the hole in the passage box as in the image below.

Snap position 1 of the part that fixes the pass box in the drywall

Then just push it upwards, until it is attached to the plate, as shown in the image below.

Snap position 2 of the part that fixes the pass box in the drywall

Please note that it is in this same piece where the screws of the socket mirrors and switches are inserted, that is, the moment the screw is tightened, the passage box will attach itself even more to the drywall, leaving the fixation even firmer.