Voltage transformer, how does it work?


You’ve heard of a voltage transformer, you know what it is? This is the subject of this article and in it we will talk about what the transformer is for, how it works and where the voltage transformer is used, come on guys!

The transformer was invented by Michael Faraday and is based on the principles of electromagnetism. According to historical data, these principles were discovered by Faraday himself, but with a huge contribution from Heinrich Lenz.

Voltage transformer, what is it?

Voltage transformers are devices that increase or decrease a certain voltage value. The transformer consists of a core and two coils, where the core of the transformer is made of a highly magnetized material. The coils are called primary and secondary, they are composed of a different number of turns isolated electrically from each other. The primary coil is the one that receives the mains voltage, and the secondary coil is responsible for the output of the transformed voltage, that is, with a different value.

See how a voltage transformer works!

How does the voltage transformer work?

É importante compreender que o funcionamento de um transformador de tensão só acontece em redes elétricas que possuem corrente alternada. Para quem não sabe, as redes elétricas de corrente alternada são aquelas onde os circuitos ficam sujeitos a campos magnéticos variáveis. Podemos dizer que a composição da parte ativa do transformador de tensão se dá a partir de dois grupos, que são:

  • Enrolamento: Basicamente é a união de várias bobinas isoladas por uma camada de verniz sintético. Na maioria dos casos, as bobinas são de cobre.
  • Núcleo: Geralmente o núcleo é composto por um material ferromagnético, tendo como função principal, a transferência do efeito magnético do enrolamento primário até o secundário.

Of course, there are more components in a voltage transformer such as main and expansion tanks, drives, bushings, thermometers, switches, control panel, radiators and others. But we can call these components complementary accessories.

In order to operate within the proper voltage range and ensure efficiency, the type of transformer must be suitable for each voltage. In case you don’t know, the electrical voltage can be divided into low, medium and high voltage, so it is essential to perform the correct dimensioning of the transformer.

For you to have an idea of ​​how important the dimensioning is, if the transformer used is of greater power, it will cause a financial loss and considerable electrical losses! And when using a transformer with lower power, the risks of accidents and other safety-related problems are enormous.

Where is the voltage transformer used?

Transformers are used, for example, in the posts of electrical networks, since the energy transmitted by the electrical distribution networks has a very high voltage, that is, if this voltage is used in this way to supply homes, buildings and commercial establishments, it will certainly cause damage to electrical and electronic equipment, since they do not have the capacity to work with such voltage.

Therefore, we can say that the voltage value we use, whether 220V or 110V, only exists after passing through the transformer. In this way, it is ensured that all electrical and electronic equipment have adequate voltage to operate safely and efficiently.

With this, it is very easy to understand that the function of an energy transformer is essential, which ends up making even more evident the need to take all care when choosing and dimensioning this equipment. Think that this will guarantee much more than the proper functioning of the installation since this attitude can avoid material damages and mainly prevent users from unnecessary risks and accidents.

In this video below the Mundo da Elétrica channel, a homemade transformer is shown and they explain each component in detail and its use, worth checking out!

The best voltage transformers are manufactured with materials of excellent quality, always following all the requirements, determinations and technical standards that aim to guarantee its perfect functioning. So, if you are going to buy a transformer whatever, never forget the correct dimensioning, don’t just choose the price and lastly, keep an eye on all the information and criticism about each voltage transformer model!yy