Digital dimmer, what is it? How does it work?


There are devices that are able to control the luminous intensity of certain lamps, and dimmers are responsible for this process. Learn the operating characteristics of a dimmer, in addition to knowing the most sophisticated and modern models available on the market, come on guys!

What are dimmers?

The dimmers are devices that have the ability to gradually adjust the brightness emitted by the lamps, by controlling the intensity of the electrical current. Thus, changing the visual appearance and the climate of certain environments. In addition to the dimmers mentioned earlier, there are other models that are used in equipment up to 1000 W.

What is a dimmer for?

Through the dimmer, it is possible to save energy, as long as you use the device in a controlled and conscious manner. One of the ways to save energy is by using this dimmer, which aims to regulate the luminous intensity according to the need of the place, using only what is necessary! In addition to the dimmer being useful to help reduce electricity consumption, it can be used in specific environments, where low light intensity is required at certain times of the day or for decorative purposes such as garden lighting.

Dimmer of the Orion line, Schneider.

How a dimmer works:

The older dimmers work basically using Ohm’s law for their operation because they use a potentiometer which are variable resistors that are able to determine the value of the resistance it offers to the passage of electrical charges. The energy consumption that the variable resistor offers causes the voltage value to decrease so that a low voltage passes through the lamp causes less intensity of brightness.

Saving energy consumption using the dimmer is also one of its advantages, but not all models have this feature! In some older models, this is not possible, because in its operation the energy that would totally illuminate an environment is the same amount used to illuminate with the lowest light intensity, as part of this energy is consumed by the resistive material of the pot.

In the case of the most modern luminosity variation, the load is not deflected by a resistive material to limit it, because through a switching they turn the circuit on and off, in order to reduce the total amount of electrical energy flow.

Digital Dimmer:

Digital dimmers also have the characteristic of consuming less electricity because their operating principle is basically that of a conventional dimmer. They can also be used in LED lamps, in addition to having a modern designer and adapting to any style, material, color or function, it is possible to exchange modules and plates independently and all components are easy to install, as are the models of the Schneider Orion line shown in the image below.

How does it work, Schneider digital dimmer?

What types of lamps to use on dimmers?

Not all lamps are compatible with dimmers, as is the case with LED, fluorescent or dichroic lamps with electronic transformers. Therefore, it is necessary to use dimmable lamps.

The best method to find out which lamps are compatible with the dimmer is to check the packaging or description on the product itself. In the information, you can find the following information: dimmable, adjustable or words like dimmable, DIM, attenuators or similar terms. Know that all incandescent lamps, which are no longer manufactured and halogens are compatible with any dimmer model. Other cases that cannot be used are dimmers to control the speed of motors, to control the volume of speakers or loads less than 40 W.

We finished this article here and hope to have all the doubts about the dimmer removed! If you are still curious about this subject, leave it in the comments and we will respond!