Tungsten Carbide Wire, what is it? Where to use?



Have you heard of tungsten carbide wire? In this article, we are going to talk about what this wire is for, what is its use, all the characteristics and how the electrician can use it in his day to day activities, come on guys!

Tungsten Carbide Wire: What is it?

This is a type of cutting wire that is made with tungsten carbide, it is manufactured by Starrett and can be used to cut very hard or abrasive materials such as ceramic tiles, brick, concrete. porcelain and others. Tungsten carbide wire is an excellent cutting tool for working in difficult to reach places.

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Tungsten Carbide Wire: Features

The tungsten carbide wire is composed of a resistant steel wire coated with grains of tungsten carbide, so it is possible to make cuts in hard or abrasive materials. It resists high temperatures without losing the cut and as its wire is rounded and fully coated with a thick layer of pieces of tungsten, it is possible to make cuts by moving the saw in several directions, which greatly facilitates the cut. This wire is made to replace a common saw blade, but there is no need to adapt anything, just remove the blade and place the cutting wire.

Tungsten Carbide Wire: What is it used for?

Following the article, we will show the uses of this wire in practical tests! Observe well how all the characteristics mentioned are actually seen during use. The first test was done by cutting a tile, see in the image below that the tile was marked in a half-moon shape, precisely to demonstrate that it is possible to make curved cuts, something that is not possible with the common saw.

How to cut ceramic tiles with Tungsten Carbide Wire?

O segundo teste foi cortando um tijolo, geralmente as pessoas usam um serrote comum para fazer estes cortes, mas com a utilização do Arame de Carboneto de Tungstênio o corte é muito mais fácil e pode ser mais preciso assim como mostra a imagem abaixo. Sendo assim, esta pode ser uma ótima ferramenta para ser usada na construção civil e como este arame permite um corte bem rente, certamente irá contribuir para a redução do desperdício.

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Como fazer corte em tijolo com o Arame de Carboneto de Tungstênio?

Now for the third Test, which was cutting a cement wall. Despite the stiffness of the wall, the Tungsten Carbide Wire has no difficulty in making the cut as shown in the image below. As this steel wire is very resistant, you can make the movements with a lot of pressure, without losing precision in the cut, which is a huge advantage.

How to cut cement with Tungsten Carbide Wire?

Tungsten Carbide Wire: What are the advantages?

In addition to all these benefits already mentioned, there is still a financial advantage for the user who already has the common saw blade. As already mentioned, the wire is used in the same saw arc that you use the common blade, that is, you will not need to buy a new tool unless you want to avoid the process of changing the blade for the wire.

Its useful life can vary according to its use, but we can say that the more cuts in hard materials, the shorter the useful life of this wire. Therefore, a wire used only for cutting ceramic tiles will naturally last less than a wire used only for cutting brick.

Here on the website we always talk about the importance of expanding your area of ​​expertise, and having different tools in hand can be a differential since they reduce the chances of you being caught off guard. Therefore, it is very interesting to have in your tool kit a Tungsten Carbide Wire for when the need arises to make cuts in these types of materials.