Cutting tools, types and uses!

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed to cut apart to continue your service in the electrical installation, but you did not have the right tool in hand? Maybe you haven’t been through this, but you certainly know someone who has. If we analyze the electrical activities, in practically all of them, some part, conduit, the iron rod needs to be cut, mainly in the activities of electrical assembly, such as electrical infrastructure. It was thinking about this need that we arrived at today’s topic, in this article we brought some cutting tools and we will show you where to use them and what are their main advantages and disadvantages of each one. Understand how the blade can influence the cut and which is the most suitable for each type of material, come on guys!

Discover the best electrician cutting tools and see how to use them correctly!

Cutting Tools: Blade Types

Regardless of what it is, tools that use toothed blades have a disadvantage, which is to have different blades for each type and / or hardness of the material to be cut. In other words, the harder the material, the fewer teeth per inch the saw must have, for example, in the case of saw arcs manufactured by Starrett, there are 3 different teeth values, 18, 24 and 32 teeth per inch.

Another difference is in the material used in the manufacture of the blade, which can make it harder or more flexible and this differs in cutting. Starret has a unique bi-metal blade, which is more flexible and is used in all types of materials. The red strip blade, on the other hand, is harder and has a much higher cutting precision, being the most recommended for cutting on hard materials such as iron bars. But it is important to understand that as the blade is harder, the piece must be attached to a vise so that the blade does not break and shatter.

In addition to these aforementioned blades, you can also find other special blades such as tungsten carbide for example, which is used for cutting abrasive materials. Therefore, there is no lack of options on the market, just know how to search and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Electrician tools: Arc saw

The saw bow is the cutting tool that every electrician has in the tool box or at least it should have! The biggest disadvantage of the saw arch is that its body prevents a deep cut from being made in a piece, that is, it has a limited cutting radius for some activities, but even so, it is an excellent tool for cutting tubes, pipes , profiles, etc.

Saw blade

Learn how to correctly use the saw arch

Electrician Tools: Mini Arc Saw

To solve this problem of cuts in depths, you have the option of using the mini saw arch, which is also the most suitable for cuts close to structures and walls, cuts in plaster ceiling or dry wall for installation of recessed luminaires. In the case of the mini saw arch, the main disadvantage is the blade vibration, making it not the most suitable for use on hard and solid parts.

How to choose the mini saw bow?

Learn how to properly use the mini saw bow

Electrician Tools: PVC Saw

This saw is the least known on our list, but it is quite useful. Its blade and teeth are suitable for cutting plastics and PVC in general, such as conduits and pipes. Although it looks like a wood saw from that conventional one, its blade does not allow use in wood. Therefore, this is an excellent tool option for electricians who work a lot with PVC conduits.

PVC cutting tool

Learn how to properly use the PVC saw

Electrician tool? Manual band saw

This battery powered manual band saw from Starrett is an excellent choice for automatic and portable cutting machines! Because it is battery powered, it can be taken to places away from power points, for example, on top of a roof where access is difficult and there are usually no plugs for use.

Best Electrician Tools

Learn how to use the manual band saw correctly

The saw kit comes with two batteries that have a very cool autonomy. The most interesting of the Starret tools is this interaction between them, the battery of the manual band saw, also serves for the screwdriver and so it happens with all the other tools with the Starret battery.

We are reaching the end of this article and we believe that with this information and the practical demonstration through the video, you have many tips for choosing the ideal tool for the service you usually perform. Don’t just think about the value of the tool, the investment will certainly revert to new job opportunities, which you might not be able to do without these tools. Never forget that whenever you use a cutting tool, it is very important to wear gloves and safety glasses. Avoid an accident using the correct equipment, because safety should always come first.