First job as an electrician, how to get it?

How to get the first job? If you haven’t been through it yet, you certainly will. The electrician can work in various areas of activities that involve electricity, that is, just knowing how to look for the right job and especially where to look. Currently, the job market is oscillating a lot and with this, companies are increasingly insecure in hiring new employees.

Electricians themselves are afraid of this scenario since they can be dismissed from a company at any time! Exactly, for this reason, more and more electricians are choosing to be autonomous and this is becoming more and more common, especially if we observe the great demand for electricians for residential services for example.

Find out what are the best tips for getting your first electrician job!

Electrician, how to get the first job?

If you are determined to start freelance work, know that this article has many interesting tips that can certainly help you. Although clients always seek the best professionals, not everyone looks at the work luggage of the electrician they are going to hire, that is, this may be the first door open for you to start your career.

Even without being an experienced electrician, you need to make a good impression on the customer. For this, the first step is to have good training in the electrical field, but that is not all, we brought 3 important points for you to get attached and create an effective performance strategy, they are:

  • Always invest in your training and professional updating
  • Always plan your performance as a self-employed electrician
  • Always create good ways to publicize your future work

Electrician: Professional Training

To have a good chance of starting any service, it is essential to seek technical training and never stop studying. When we talk about studying, it’s not just courses and degrees, you can and should look for educational materials that can improve your knowledge.

As already mentioned, interaction and form of communication is very important in any profession, especially for the self-employed. Therefore, in addition to all the specific knowledge, it is important that you have a great relationship with your future customers.

Electrician: How to promote yourself?

We are in the digital age and those who do not adapt to this new possibility end up being left behind! This tip that we are going to pass on now is important for the beginning of your career, but it is even more important for the course of it. Creating a website, a blog or even a profile on social networks focused on your work, this is essential to reach customers.

Having the page, website or profile focused on your profession gives the client a seriousness, that is, he can see that you care about showing your skills and, above all, is showing a place where he can find you in case of doubts or other needs. So, take a step ahead of your competitors, using social media to your advantage.

Electrician: Where to get your first job?

Now we are going to present two great ways to find autonomous services. You may not know it, but there are a lot of customers who can’t find an electrician to do the job they need, so why not take advantage of these opportunities? What you may be thinking is, where are these opportunities? The answer is quite simple, on the internet, on the search and service offering sites.

Contrary to what many think, sites like OLX and Mercado Livre are not just for buying and selling, there is a lot of supply and demand for service there. It is worth taking a closer look at this possibility. Another site that has a lot of job offers is Getninjas! If you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re missing.

How does Getninjas work?

It is an application created to seek professionals, services and also customers. This application is available for free download on Android and iOS, but can also be accessed on the web version. Its form of use is very simple, just make a registration by placing your phone number and your area of ​​operation. The most interesting thing about this application is that it seeks professionals closest to the customer who sought the service. Therefore, if you are registered with Getninjas and someone is looking for electrical services in your region, a notification will arrive on your cell phone about the service and you can contact the customer to negotiate the work.

So that’s it, folks! These were our tips to help you look for your first job and not only that, to follow your career in a solid way that allows for even greater growth. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments and we will answer them!