Electrician tools, which ones to buy?

In the list of tools for electricians, which can not be missing? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Whether you are an electrician assembler, building electrician or other, in this article we will talk about the ideal tool kit and show how the use of the right tools is very important to perform a good job. Come on guys!

To work with electricity it is necessary to have several tools! It is important to know the use of this equipment in order not to invest in something that you will almost not use or even worse, stop buying a tool that will be very useful on a daily basis. Following this article, we will show you the main tools that the electrician should have.

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Electrician tools: How to choose?

The list we are going to present includes almost mandatory tools and some for more specific use, but which is of great use to the electrician. Analyze well your area of ​​operation and the type of service you usually perform, you will certainly realize that some tools are much more important than others, observe what are the priorities.

Electrician Tool: Screwdriver

This is perhaps the tool most used by the electrician and can be found in almost every home. Whether an electrician or not, most people have a screwdriver exactly because of its great utility. For professionals working with electrical installations, it is very important to have at least two screwdrivers, a small one that will be used for the small screws that are used to fasten wires in switch terminals and sockets for example, and a large one that will be used in larger screws that act in fixing the switches for example.

Electrician tool: Philips wrench

In addition to screwdrivers, it is essential to have a Philips key, since many electrical devices such as circuit breakers and various household appliances have components attached with Philips screws. Many professionals use the screwdriver on these screws and even though it may work at first, the use of an inappropriate screwdriver will damage the screw and compromise its efficiency.

Electrician Tool: Drill

Electric drills are extremely important tools for the electrician. In this respect, in addition to the quality drill, you will need a good set of drill bits for metal and cement. There are several models and types of drill on the market, in the image below is the S8010 drill manufactured by Starrett which is a piece of great equipment. When buying the drill, carefully observe the specifications of each model and do not buy thinking only of the lowest price, as this may become expensive in the future.

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Electric tool: Side cutting pliers

This tool is very useful for cutting the wires and having small pliers with insulated cable is indispensable for working with electricity. Therefore, having cutting pliers in hand can help you with many other tasks related to electrical installations.

Electrician’s Tool: Fine Point Pliers

This equipment can be useful when you need to bend or pull wire ends for example. They are also great for when the electrician needs to hold parts of a component in a certain position.

Electrician tool: wire stripper pliers

This tip is similar to the use of the Philips wrench, several electricians use other types of pliers to strip the cables and this is not correct. The specific tool to strip the wires is easy to use and besides guaranteeing an effective result, it avoids damage to the cables that can cause serious future problems.

Electrician tool: Lima

The use of a file can be of great use in various jobs such as removing rust on a piece of metal or fixing a surface for different uses. It is recommended that the electrician has a small and a large one. In the image below you can see a file from the Starrett line, these files are excellent quality materials and will certainly meet your needs.

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Electrician Tool: Probe

The probe, which is also known as ironing wire, is an indispensable piece of equipment in the electrician’s tool kit. The probe is composed of a steel wire that was manufactured to run easily inside the conduits, it is used to pass the wires that will be used in an electrical installation.

Electrician Tool: Multimeter

Another essential equipment for a good electrician is the multimeter. The various utilities and their relatively low price justify the investment! To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this tool, it serves to test practically all devices that work with electricity, in addition to the installation itself.

Electrician Tool: Saw Bow

The saw arch is also important for cutting and preparing certain metal parts. Currently, on the market there is also a mini saw arch like the one in the image below, they are manufactured by Starrett and perform several functions that the common saw arch cannot achieve such as deep cuts for example. Therefore, the ideal is for the electrician to have both the common saw arch and the mini saw arch in the kit.

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Electrician Tool: Electrical Tape

It is impossible to imagine an electrician who does not have a roll of electrical tape in his toolbox, is it not? Exactly, this equipment cannot be missing under any circumstances in the electrician’s daily life. There are several types and colors and their use may vary, so research well what is the most suitable type for the activity you are going to perform.

In addition to the tools mentioned, the electrician can count on several parts that are common in the jobs. Among them, we can mention plugs, switches, lamps, fuses and etc. The more equipment you have, the smaller the unforeseen and the bigger your field of action.