10 tips to save energy at home!

When it comes to energy saving, some questions are very common, for example, how to save electricity at home? How to spend less energy? How to save energy in the shower? Well, since our subject is the economy, you will know what are the best tips to save electricity, come on guys!

How to save electricity?

It is important to understand that it is everyone’s role to help in combating the waste of electricity. Maybe you’re wondering, but how can I do that? The answer is very simple when we change some everyday attitudes, energy consumption reduces considerably and besides spending less money, we also help to preserve the environment, increasing the life span of non-renewable resources

How to spend less electricity at home?

The first step begins when you plan your home, always choose the light colors to paint the walls and ceilings, this makes the environment naturally lighter and the need to turn on the light at undesired times is much less. Another attitude that can favor this natural lighting of the rooms is the choice of windows and their positioning. So, open the curtains wide and let natural light in!

Learn how to save energy in your home using appliances correctly!

Save energy: Lamps

Now talking about artificial lighting, the best option is always to choose led or fluorescent lamps, in addition to much more effective lighting, these models generate a much lower expense when compared to incandescent lamps. Never leave the lights on unnecessarily, so, turn off the lights whenever you leave that place.

Save energy: Refrigerator

The first step to spend less energy with the refrigerator is in its temperature control, leave it in the winter position and adjust the thermostat to avoid wasting consumption. Never line the shelves with plastic or cloth and never use the back of the refrigerator to dry clothes and sneakers, this causes a double effort on the equipment. Observe if the door sealing rubbers are in a good state of repair and finally, do not place the stove and refrigerator close together, as one will interfere with the other’s optimal functioning and increase energy consumption

Save energy: Washing machine

Set aside the day for washing and use the maximum amount of clothes indicated by the manufacturer at one time. People who wash clothes in small portions and several times a week certainly spend much more. Another tip is to periodically clean the machine’s filter and whenever possible, take advantage of sunny days to dry your clothes naturally, clothes dryers greatly increase energy consumption

Save energy: Television

Leave the television on only when someone is watching. The most suitable device is the one that has a timer, that is, you can program its shutdown. Never leave your devices in stand-by, the right thing to do is to turn it off completely or unplug it when not in use. Depending on the device and its manufacturing time, this stand-by function can be responsible for the consumption of up to 18W / H of power.

Save energy: Iron

As with the washing machine suggestion, set aside a day for ironing, because turning on the iron several times a week will also serve to increase electrical consumption. If it is necessary to interrupt work, even for a short time, it is best to turn it off completely. A very interesting tip, is that you take advantage of the high temperature of the iron even after switching off to iron lighter clothes, such as lingerie.

Save energy: Electric shower

Coming to the great villain when it comes to saving energy, the tips are very simple! Take a quick and efficient shower, never exceed 15 minutes a day. Improper installation of shower can absurdly increase energy expenditure, ie, proper installation is not only to prevent accidents but to favor the ideal spent. Whenever possible, bathe with the shower in the summer position or even completely off. Never reuse a burnt resistance, because in addition to increasing energy consumption, this situation can jeopardize the safety of those who use this equipment.

Save energy: Air conditioning

Always switch off the device when the environment is not busy. During operation, it is essential to keep all windows and doors closed to avoid changing the temperature. It is also important to keep curtains closed as much as possible to avoid the heat of the sun in the environment. Never block the air outlet of the device and protect the outside from the sun. It is important to observe the ventilation grids, they must never be blocked.

Save energy: Computer

Whenever possible, use energy-saving features, so the monitor and the computer will always be on standby when not in immediate use. Do not leave monitors, printers, speakers, stabilizers, and other accessories on or stand by unnecessarily.

Save energy: Mobile

Never leave cell phones charging overnight and when the device reaches full charge, unplug it. Using your cell phone while it charges will make the battery recharging process take longer, that is, consumption will be much higher. Therefore, whenever the appliance is charging, avoid using it to the maximum.

A final tip to save energy

When you buy any type of appliance, always choose the ones that have the Procel Seal, it indicates to consumers that these appliances consume less energy. And when traveling, unplug all appliances and leave only essentials on.