How to care for your tools?

A good professional needs excellent tools, but there is no point in having the best tools and not taking care of them properly. A good professional is not only one who does a job well done, but also one who knows how to take care of his work equipment.

When the electrician knows the tool, its applications and limitations, he will certainly be able to get the most out of it, as well as keep it always in optimal conditions of use. In this article we will provide tips on how electricians should take care of their work tools. See how not to use them and thereby considerably increase their useful life.

How to take care of the measuring tape?

How to take care of the measuring tape?

To take care of the measuring tape is very simple! The electrician must not force the metal strip in order to bend it. When retracting the tape measure, it must be done slowly, in order to reduce the excessive impact of the tape on the spool. Never hold the measuring tape by the measuring tip using the spool as a weight. In the case of digital measuring tapes, the tip is not to keep it for long periods with the batteries inside.

Now for the maintenance part of the measuring tape, another aspect that is also extremely simple! Maintenance consists only of a cleaning and lubricating the spool that holds the tape periodically.

How to care for screwdrivers?

They are also essential tools for the electrician and to keep it in good condition at all times, follow these basic precautions that we will list below:

How to care for screwdrivers?

  • Never use keys to hit other objects
  • Never use your tip as a chisel
  • Always clean them after use
  • Always store them in the appropriate places

How to take care of the level and square?

Although they are extremely important tools for the good electrician, both the level and the square show perhaps the simplest care among the tools that we will mention. For both cases, the main focus is on falls. Never let them fall, as this may affect the correct marking of the angles.

How to care for drills and saws?

There are several types of drills and cup saws, each of which has a specific function. You should note which one is for wood, wall or metal surfaces. If you do not have the drill or cup saw specific to that particular surface, you should never use another one, as this can damage the part and possibly will not do the job you want.

Before using it is also important to observe the physical condition of the part. If you notice any changes, such as a cracked drill or saw with a damaged tooth, the indication is that you do not use that part.

In order to maintain optimum functioning of the part, it is necessary to carry out all the preparation in an effective way, observing if the fit and/or the lock of the part is correct. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the cutting speed for each type of material.

There are also important notes for post use! In this case, it is to clean the parts very well before storing them, you can even use water to remove the residues, but in this case, it is necessary to leave the piece to dry before storing it. It is also important to pay attention to the lubrication of the part, that is, perform lubrication periodically.

How to take care of the level?

How to care for the pliers?

This is another simple tool but of enormous importance for the electrician! Again, it is essential to respect the tool’s functionality, since there are several types of pliers that aim to perform different functions.

The first tip is just not to use the pliers out of function, this can affect the part and compromise its future operation. Therefore, never cut unsuitable materials. Another important tip is to always lubricate the tool joints.

How to care for the saw bow?

This equipment is very important, but it can become a headache if not used correctly. Care is very simple! Never use the saw arch with a tapered blade, that is, it is very important to check the setting before use. The second tip is to always use the correct blade for what you want to cut. Never cut an object with a specific blade from another.

How to care for the caliper?

How to care for the caliper?

As it is measuring equipment, its precision is essential and for this to always occur effectively, the tool needs to be in the best possible conditions of use. Therefore, to take good care of the caliper, follow the instructions below:

  • Use the caliper very carefully, avoiding shocks and especially falls.
  • Never leave the caliper under other heavy tools, as this can cause the equipment to be deregulated or damage to any of its parts, making it impossible to measure correctly.
  • Avoid scratches on the equipment, this can impair reading.
  • Always clean it before storing it.
  • Store the caliper in a protected place.

Final considerations

When the tools are not in the ideal conditions of use, the chances of an accident occurring are very high. Another negative side is the possibility of this tool interfering in the quality of the work done, which would be very bad for your image with the client.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your tools working properly. This attitude will guarantee a job well done, reduce the number of accidents and, mainly, minimize expenses related to repairs and/or the purchase of new tools.