Electrician, tips to increase the customer base

How to win customers? This is perhaps the biggest question for anyone who works in the provision of services, such as mechanics, masons or electricians, as is our case.

This concern is indeed one of the most important for you to succeed. It is very important to know your audience, know how to plan, develop good communication and marketing materials.

In this article, we bring the best tips for you to increase the number of customers and, of course, increase their satisfaction. Before starting with the tips, it is important to note that everything starts with an excellent product or service, otherwise there will be no magic recipe!

Who is the product or service for?

Focus is the word for success and helps a lot in directing your actions. Understanding who your audience is will allow you to take specific actions for your target audience, considerably increasing the chances of success. An example, an electrician who works only with the

maintenance of intercoms, this professional knows that in the rainy season, due to lightning, broken cables and other problems the amount of maintenance increases a lot, so prepare yourself in the months before the rainy season distributing flyers, cards or pasting stickers on the intercoms in your neighborhood or city.

You must facilitate communication with your audience since after knowing and analyzing your product or service, they will positively or negatively share its credibility, usefulness and efficiency. The use of applications on smartphones such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and messenger can greatly help fast and inexpensive communication, both for customers and for you.

After getting to know your audience and understanding the interests of this audience, it is time to start the whole process of actions to maximize your sales and attract more customers.

Is your product or service the best?

The customer always looks for a quality product or service and you must tell him that yours is the best. How can you do that? The first step is to stand out from the competition.

If you are talking about a product, your marketing actions must show the efficiency of this product, Know the strengths and main characteristics of this product, however, if you are talking about a service, marketing is also very important, but its effectiveness in the first services is fundamental to your success.

Even if you have been in the market for a while, even if you already have a large number of customers, you should think that every day you can have a new customer, that is, you need to work to earn your trust just as you did with the first.

How to win more customers?

A well-done service will bring two important benefits for the future. The first is that you are the first option of this client, the second is the disclosure that this client will make to acquaintances who need the service you offer.

The service performed correctly is unfortunately not an absolute success. There are 2 types of clients that can harm your career, perfectionist clients, and profiteers.

  • The perfectionist will make several demands, can request several changes, will always be ready to find the minimum defect and this is very common. To avoid headaches, you must be very patient and do your best to please him, otherwise, he will make several complaints and will hardly refer you to other people.
  • The profiteer client is the most complicated of all. This customer thinks that by hiring your service, he will be doing you a favor and you should charge prices well below the fair value.

For both types of the customer the preliminary conversation is very important, detail the entire service (and for that, it is important to know about the service), take your questions regarding the customer’s needs and take all the customer’s questions. This close and preliminary relationship is the first impression that the customer will have on your knowledge and how you work and the key to the future indicates that this customer will make of your service.

When we increase the number of customers, the chances of encountering the types mentioned above are much greater. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared to deal with them. Now let’s talk a little about the actions to publicize your product, service, etc.

Invest in your brand

Marketing has long been a top priority for successful brands. Making the image beautiful, attractive, and mainly informative is fundamental to success. If you do not invest at least a little in this area, you will hardly beat your competitors.

You must keep in mind that for someone to want your product or service, that person needs to know about your existence and this will only happen if you get their attention. Whether for a good advertisement or indication.

The lack of empathy is a huge obstacle to good publicity. You need to establish a pleasant relationship with your customer, whether they like it or not, customers like to feel important in the business and especially, to feel understood and safe.

Taking all doubts, offering examples and models already made of service is a way of showing that that service or product is effective and generally the customer will want to see the final result before even investing in it.

How to interact with customers?

Introduce yourself in a helpful way and always be able to speak and discuss the problem to be solved, respect the customer and avoid being too invasive. It is essential to be a good listener and be ready to get around adverse situations.

Avoid lies, as the customer may lose confidence in you or your product. Sincere service does not have to be exaggerated, it just needs to be objective and competent.

Failure to pay attention can cause serious mistakes and this can alienate the customer. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the service that will be offered, the marketing campaign that will be carried out. Small misunderstandings can, unfortunately, drive customers away.

A common mistake in the services currently offered is the abusive amount charged. Of course, you shouldn’t do your job for free, but it is important that you are honest with your client. Knowing the service to be performed, the components used, the techniques that will be used to carry out the activity helped a lot to compose the fair price.

Unfortunately, there are people who do not charge the real value for the service provided. The person who hired your service is a layperson 95% of the time, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it.

On the contrary, this is the time to gain the customer’s trust, especially when the problem is simple. The best way is to show the customer what the problem is, explain why this problem is interfering with the optimal functioning.

The customer in most cases likes to feel informed of the problem and when the service provider is honest, customer satisfaction is visible and this is very positive for the business.

To conclude our last tip is that you are always in a good mood and willing to do your job. When the person is in a bad mood or disinterested this is easily noticed and interferes with the quality of the service performed.