Is NR10 training mandatory?

It is common for professionals to have doubts about the NR10 course and it is also common for some companies that have electricians and other professionals in the field of electricity in their staff to have these same doubts. A point of constant inquiry is about the mandatory training of NR10.

Within the terms of the standard itself, it is possible to find an answer to most of the doubts and others can be complemented by other national and / or international technical standards when applicable.

Within the field of application we have the first point to consider with respect to the obligation see the following item:

help electricity professionals work better and safer. Whether or not it is mandatory, NR10 is already a differential for those who have adequate training and took advantage of this training as an improvement for safety both a

Authorization plate.


To interact with installations and or services in electricity, the professional must have a formal authorization from the company and only in possession of this authorization (usually described in the employment contract and company registration system) that the professional can perform such activities in electricity, in compliance with the items below:

10.8.4 Qualified or qualified workers and qualified professionals are considered authorized, with formal consent from the company.

10.8.6 Workers authorized to work in electrical installations must have this condition enshrined in
the company’s employee registration system.


10.8.8 Workers authorized to intervene in electrical installations must have specific training on the risks arising from the use of electrical energy and the main accident prevention measures in electrical installations, in accordance with the provisions of Annex II of this NR.

The item described above spells out the mandatory training on safety issues that mainly deals with the risks of electric energy and measures that aim to reduce these risks or eliminate them completely. Only after this training is carried out can the company grant authorization to carry out activities in the area of ​​electricity as described in the item below: The company will grant authorization in the form of this NR to trained or qualified workers and to qualified professionals who have participated with satisfactory evaluation and use of the courses listed in ANNEX II of this NR.


The word obligation gives NR10 training a lot of weight and is normally confused by many professionals with “boring and tiring”. I believe that NR10 training has to be used by each professional because it is one of the few categories of work that has mandatory training on occupational safety and risks. Every day thousands of professionals start activities in new jobs without even knowing exactly what their function or what risks they will be submitted to, the electrician is privileged to have a specific and specific standard that gives him training before starting activities in the area of electricity.

Yes, the electricity professional is required to undergo NR10 training, but after knowing the risks, do you really think this obligation is a disadvantage?