5 amazing tricks with degreaser!

Did you know that there are several applications for degreasers in electrical? Knowing the characteristics of degreasers, do you know any tricks that use them? Mundo da Elétrica shows how to use the degreaser in different situations.

We know that degreasing oil has several uses, such as removing door creaks in addition to many other applications. In this article we will show you 5 tips for using the degreaser in electrical activities. Come on guys!

Disgrace in electrical activity – Top 5

The maintenance carried out in equipment has the purpose of guaranteeing a good functioning and performance of the equipment and in this type of service the degreaser is a great ally of the electricians when doing the maintenance, because with degreaser it is possible to remove the zinaber formation that is formed in components and electrical connectors.

Zinaber is the blue-green layer that forms on components and electrical connectors. Zinaber arises because of a chemical process that is a result of the oxidation of copper or copper-containing alloys, such as brass.

In electrical there are several components and connectors that are made of copper or brass, in order to improve electrical contact. However, in some cases there is an oxidation process forming zinabre, especially in places that have a lot of humidity and sea air.

Cleaning – Battery poles

The first tip is to clean the poles of the car battery. The poles of the car batteries are often exposed to humidity and salt air, so oxidation process occurs and 
forming zinabre in electrical contacts are very common.

To remove the zinabre or even protect the connector and the battery pole so that zinabre does not occur, simply apply the degreaser. If you already have zinabre just clean it by applying the degreaser and using a brush or even a metal sponge.

Cleaning zinabre on the poles of the car battery.

The degreaser will prevent moisture on the surface of the battery poles.

Electric shower seams

The second tip on the use of the degreaser also has to do with zinc and moisture that is in the seams of the electric shower . When we talk about shower splice, there is always a discussion about what is the best type of splice for connecting shower cables.

Regardless of the discussion and which is the best type of splice, it is very common for zinabers to occur at the shower connection point. One way to avoid this zinabre is by using the degreaser at the seam point.

In our shower we remove the torsion terminal, then we apply the degreaser and finally we place the torsion terminal again to make the insulation.

To avoid zinabre just use the degreaser at the seam point.

The bathroom is always very humid, in other words, it is a very favorable place for oxidation to occur in the metallic parts of both the shower and the seam, a simple degreaser in these cases already solves it.

Cuts and perforations

The third use case of the degreaser is for lubrication in cuts and perforations of metal parts. When making cuts and holes it is always important to lubricate the holes and cutting tools, especially in the case of metal parts. The degreaser can and should be used in these cases, both to preserve the cutting tool and to lubricate and facilitate cutting and drilling, for that it is enough to apply the degreaser before and during the drilling of the parts.

Application of degreaser for holes in metals.

Contactor contacts

The fourth tip is for cleaning and lubricating a contactor’s contacts. Those who work with industrial maintenance and electrical controls have seen several cases of large contactors in need of maintenance. Very large contactors may have exchanged parts and cleaning of the contacts can be done to prevent sparking of the contacts.

See this contactor below that we opened to show his internal contacts. To perform the cleaning, just remove the contacts, apply the degreasing oil and use a brush or metal sponge to do the proper cleaning.

The degreaser can be used on the contacts to prevent sparking on the contacts.

This type of activity is very common in preventive maintenance in large industries.

Open circuit breakers

The fifth and final tip also has to do with industrial maintenance, which is maintenance on open circuit breakers. In the open circuit breaker, it is possible to open and maintain, the open circuit breakers are the circuit breakers for large currents in electrical installations, as in this example, where the rated current of the circuit breaker is 800 A.

Internally the parts of the open circuit breaker need lubrication and the degreaser can be used in these cases. Below we see how it is possible to access the internal parts of the open circuit breaker and lubricate its parts.

Lubrication of open circuit-breaker parts with degreaser.

In order to carry out industrial maintenance, it is important for professionals in the World of Electrical to know not only the circuit breaker, but also to know which type of product can be used in its maintenance, as in the case of degreasing oil.

Being a good electrical professional means knowing far beyond the components and rules of electricity. Knowing about the properties of a degreaser is not taught in electrical courses, but in many cases this is learned from work experience.

We know the importance of electrical maintenance, but do you know the rules for performing electrical maintenance? Below is a video from the World of Electrical, showing rules for doing electrical maintenance.

Comment down here what the use for the degreaser in your daily life. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!