The 5 most common mistakes that a self-employed person directly impacts his career and the way of having professional and financial success, the self-employed, whether self-employed MEI or self-employed CNPJ needs to pay inss or other type of retirement, make a tax return, have a financial organization and always stay up to date.

How to be financially successful? How to be a successful freelancer? These are questions that we have to ask every day in our profession. Mundo da Elétrica shows 5 mistakes that can lead freelancers to bankruptcy.

I really admire those who are self-employed, because working on their own and being your own boss is a daily challenge, it’s killing a lion a day!

For those who are not self-employed I will give just one example…. Imagine you work with a formal contract and are used to receiving your salary at the end of the month. So out of nowhere you don’t know how much your salary will be at the end of the month, this is the reality of the self-employed person!

First mistake, don’t plan financially to be autonomous!

This error is much more common than it looks! It is necessary to plan and have money reserves for those months when the work of a dwindling.

Main mistakes that a self-employed electrician makes.

Always do your financial planning.

There is a very high demand for electrician work, just look at your neighborhood and see how many houses you have and imagine that at one time or another, they will need maintenance. However, we know that the Brazilian has that habit of leaving preventive maintenance only for when it becomes corrective maintenance, that is, when the bug is catching. And in these cases it is possible to have periods without an electrician’s job, even in an area that has many houses.

Second mistake, do not prepare for retirement.

Have you ever wondered at what age a self-employed person retires? 55, 60 or 65? And if the professional wants to retire early, like 40 years old for example, how do you do it?

Don’t forget to plan your future.

The self-employed person is his own boss and company, so he is responsible for paying a retirement system, either the INSS or a private pension. Not preparing to retire is a very serious mistake, because the older, the heavier the job gets and the harder it is to get good services.

Third mistake, not continuing to study electrical.

The electric market is changing very fast and every day has new technologies, so the self-employed professional must be in constant training.

Always keep studying, never stop studying!

Changing a circuit breaker is always changing a circuit breaker, but what if that circuit breaker communicates with the internet or has an electrical measurement system? In this case, changing the circuit breaker remains the same, but how do you parameterize and configure this circuit breaker?

Well, the electrician who stays the same and does not update will hardly have space in the new job market, he will always lose to the most qualified competition. That’s why we always talk here on the channel about the importance of studying and learning new things in your profession.

Fourth mistake, not knowing how to sell your service.

The best self-employed person is the one who knows how to sell his service well. A good freelancer who knows how to sell his service knows about the importance of looking good, the importance of using good tools and even how to advertise your work on social networks.

Learn how to sell your service!

Of course, you don’t learn to sell your service overnight, but answer me a question, how many times have you studied this subject?

A daily exercise is to think

Fifth mistake, wrong budget.

This is without a doubt the biggest mistake that the freelancer can make.

Be careful with the budget the wrong way.

When I say budget it is not only the final value of the work! The correct deadline for the customer also enters, how long will the service last? Make a mistake in the correct survey of material that will be spent and so on.

The well done and correct budget is decisive to close a service, especially for a self-employed person. It cannot be too expensive, it cannot be too cheap, it has to guarantee the customer’s happiness and offer fair remuneration to those who will provide the service.

A lot of people look for ways to budget and how much to charge for a particular service . There are several tables that can help compose the price of the work of the self-employed professional.

The video below the Mundo da Elétrica channel talks about the main mistakes that a self-employed electrician can make and bankrupt him.

Knowing all of these tips, which mistake do you think is the most serious for a self-employed electrician? Think about it and evolve your career as a freelancer. If you have