With the advancement of technology we can find many electronic applications that make it easier for us to solve in some way the problems that arise within the world of electricity and electronics.

Previously, to know the value of a resistor, we had to memorize a color code for the resistors or to calculate the operating times of the Timer NE555 , a series of formulas had to be solved to know the values ​​of the components to be used. With the exit of smartphones and electronics applications, all these problems can be solved in a simple way, since all you have to do is download an application dedicated to electronics, and you will never have to waste time calculating, verifying and / or experimenting without knowledge. any.

Electronics applications

1 – Electrodroid

Within this app you can find calculators for resistors, ohm’s law, for the cycles of a 555 timer, etc. You can also find information about integrated circuits, a measurement of battery life, diagrams of the most used connectors such as: USB, HDMI, VGA, among many other things.

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2 – Basic electronic course

In this application you can find tutorials on how to use a circuit simulator, electronic concepts such as: what are resistors, capacitors, AM / FM radio repair, frequencies and modulated signals, audio power amplifiers, heatsinks, digital thermometers, circuits digital, among many other options.

Electronic applications
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3 – EveryCircuit

This circuit simulator has a wide variety of electrical and electronic components, from basic ones such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, to more complicated components such as analog to digital converters, flip flops, logic gates , etc. This application also has an option to share your circuits with other users of everycircuit.

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4- Electronic engineering calculators

This application is very similar to electrodroid since it has calculators and terminal diagrams of popular connectors. The difference lies in its graphical interface that is much better than any electronics application, we can also find symbology, guides related to topics of interest.

Engineering calculator
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5 – Binary Grid

This application is a fun game that involves binary numbers, dynamics tries to convert a decimal number to a binary number through a special grid. The interesting thing about this game is that you can challenge your teammates to see who is faster converting decimal numbers to binary. Multiplayer mode is played on the same phone with the split screen.

Binary grid
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6 – Karnaugh Map Solution

The graphical interface of this application is too simple and easy to use, since you have your table and to change the values ​​between 0 and 1, just click on them. As you change the values ​​the groups automatically change, it gives you the final equation and you can also see the truth table and the corresponding circuit.

Karnaugh maps
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7- Arduino reference

This application is a compilation of all the instructions you can find to program an arduino. Selecting an instruction gives you a small reference of the cases where it can be used and some examples.

Arduino reference
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8- DevCalc

It is a calculator capable of converting the numbers you enter in any of these systems: octal, hexadecimal, decimal and binary.

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9 – MacroPLC Simulator

As its name implies it is a simulator of plc in ladder language. At first it can be a bit complicated to use, but once you understand how to use the application you can check the operation of your programs or you can simply practice any circuit that comes to mind.