Air conditioner, humidifier and fan, differences and benefits.

Before investing your money in a cooling appliance, it is very important to research the options on the market and especially to know all the features of each appliance, in addition to its functionality.

Do you know what a fan, air conditioner and humidifier are? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? See our tips and information to find out which one is the best to meet your consumption needs.

The region you live in may have a direct influence on this choice if where you live, the temperature is milder and with good ventilation, the air conditioner and/or fan can already serve you, but for people who live in very hot places with low humidity, the humidifier option is the most suitable.

It is important to mention that this is not a rule, you can choose the device that most appeals to you regardless of the region, the information provided is only to maximize the benefits of each device.

Following our article, we will present in detail the characteristics of each device, in addition to showing all the positive and negative points of the humidifier, fan and air conditioner.

Fan and its characteristics

It is a mechanical device that was invented in the USA by the American Schuyler S. Wheeler. It is used to convert rotational mechanical energy, increasing air pressure.

For people who have breathing problems and dust allergies, for example, this device is not the most recommended since it helps to spread the particles by directing the wind to a single point. Ceiling fans offer a larger and wider cool wind than table fans, for example.

What are the advantages of the fan?

  • The fan price is the lowest
  • It has a wide variety of models
  • Electricity consumption is much lower

What are the disadvantages of the fan?

  • It does not humidify the ambient air, that is, it only produces wind
  • Its function is only to soften the heat, but it is not very efficient on very hot days
  • Some models have a limited wind range, being quite limited for large environments

Fan, humidifier or air conditioner, which is better?

Air conditioner and its characteristics

This device has the function of promoting air circulation throughout the environment, in addition to increasing the humidity of the air in that place through the evaporation of water. The air conditioner can reduce the temperature of the place by up to 2 degrees.

What are the advantages of the air conditioner?

  • Has low power consumption
  • It has the function of humidifying the air, in other words, it improves and greatly improves the climatic sensation of that place
  • Filters the air entering the environment
  • It has a low maintenance cost
  • Offers no damage to the ozone layer
  • It is a simple installation device
  • Offer excellent thermal comfort
  • Its use in industries eliminates the health problems that are usually caused by the suspension of dust

What are the disadvantages of the air conditioner?

  • It has low efficiency in regions with high humidity
  • Its use is not recommended for places that operated in very low temperatures

Air humidifier and its characteristics

Its function is to make the environment more air-conditioned through the circulation of air and evaporation of water. It has the function of softening the heat and in the newer models, it has the function of a heater, in addition to its main function which is to humidify the air.

What are the advantages of the air humidifier?

  • The energy consumption of the humidifier is not very high
  • It is a great option for open places where air can circulate
  • An excellent option for allergy sufferers
  • Reduces the discomfort of climate change
  • It is a very light and compact device, being very practical when transporting

What are the disadvantages of air humidifiers?

  • Only a few models guarantee a warm climate in the winter.
  • It cannot cool very hot environments, but its humidification and ventilation is very effective in these cases.

Final considerations

Regardless of which device you choose, it is very important to think about its functionality before looking at the price, in most cases, the most economical one cannot meet your needs. Finally, never leave them on if there is no one in the room. This tip we bring is intended to extend the life of your device