Applications for electricians, which ones to use?

When the electrician seeks ways to streamline his work, he is investing in his training, favoring the chances of expanding his job market. In this article we are going to talk about some applications that can help a lot in the day to day of an electrician. Each app for electricians that we are going to show you are varied options on different areas of the industry, and certainly can bring some benefit to your service, come on guys!

Electrician app: Why use it?

Technological advances are part of practically everyone’s life! We can say that for all areas there are excellent digital tools to improve and streamline the process of the activities carried out.

Applications are present in the life of virtually every professional, and in the electrical world, it would be no different! The easy access to cell phones has led to a huge growth in the number of applications aimed at the electrician.

So, to make electrical calculations, consult tables and/or standards, you just need a touch on your cell phone screen. The great advantage of using this type of tool, is that you don’t need to carry a lot of handouts, just install the application and use it.

Discover the best apps for electricians. Know which ones to use and which benefits!

The best apps for electricians

Following the article, we will present the best applications for an electrician! It is worth remembering that when you read this article, new applications may have already been launched, that is, it is interesting to continue researching and updating.

Read carefully all the features, observe the compatibility of the application you want to install with the IOS and Android versions of your mobile device. In the list that we will present there are applications in English and Portuguese, some are free versions and others you have to pay.

Electrician App: Electrical Pro

This application is considered phenomenal for professionals working in the field of electrical maintenance! This app offers the possibility to calculate the power factor, resistances, drops and losses, in addition to several other calculations of the electrical system.

Electrician App: Mobile Electrician

This application has a huge variety of application options that are geared towards electrical calculations. The most interesting section is the calculation of cable gauges, where you will find several options to find out how to make the correct calculations for your electrical installation. An interesting tip is to use it with your internet turned off, so that you can avoid ads.

Electrician App: Electrical Technology

With this app you can perform circuit calculations, cable sizing, voltage drop, resistance and many other functions. The main advantage is that this application is one of the few that offers the option to run offline, that is, you do not need the internet to use it. The main disadvantage is that all information is in English, but with use you will get used to and master the functions quickly.

Electrician App: iCircuit

This other application has an educational purpose! With iCircuit you can experiment with various circuit connections, which allows you to learn from mistakes and successes without taking the real risk of wiring. This application has a simulation engine that allows you to deal with analog and digital circuits, presenting a complete analysis in real time. This app is considered a great option for students of electrical.

Electrician App: DWG FastView

With this application you basically have a portable CAD, being able to easily create and view your technical projects. The main advantage of DWG FastView is its versatility, as it can open files of various formats, such as:

  • 2D DWG
  • 3D DWG
  • AutoCAD
  • ProgeCAD
  • BricsCAD
  • Dxf

Electrician App: Click Fácil

This application aims to help in creating the budget for the service you want to perform. It is based on the information you enter, and you can even share the files in PDF, that is, the customer will receive the data well organized and well described, which is a great differentiator. The Click Easy app can greatly improve the lives of electricians and as it is completely free, it is very worth installing and experimenting.

Electrician App: Droid Tesla

The purpose of this application is to offer a simulator that solves basic resistive circuits using the current Kirchoff law (KCL). Therefore, the simulator is able to systematically form a matrix according to KCL in the same way that students would do. This app can also perform analysis using algebraic techniques such as Gaussian elimination and sparse matrix techniques.

Mobile applications can offer several advantages and the good electrician must know how to present these advantages to customers! It is important to understand that in many cases, the application is created for the user himself and not for the electrician itself. So if the electrician knows how to show the customer the advantages of this digital tool, he will certainly have great chances of getting that service !

In this video below the Mundo da Elétrica channel, you can see a great example of what we talked about, where the application is for the customer. It is very worth watching!