Battery cutting tools!

Having the right and good quality tools are extremely important factors to provide the best services because in addition to providing greater agility in the service provided, it also contributes to a better finish and safety when carrying out the activities.

We know that in the job market, professionals who offer faster and better quality services obtain the best results, both in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction. Knowing this, we decided to show some battery cutting tools, which will certainly contribute to quick service and without losing quality, come on a person!

Battery cutting tools

In general, battery-powered tools are increasingly used by professionals, not just electricians, but also by professionals in other areas. The advantages of battery-powered tools are diverse, but the main one is that they do not need power cables, facilitating the service, with no concern on the part of the professional regarding where the tool will be connected, having to make extensions for example.

Battery cutting tools!

Battery cutting tools: Jigsaw

jigsaw is an excellent tool for cutting various types of materials, such as wooden sheets, plastic sheets and metal sheets for example. In general, battery-powered jigsaws are not light, but unlike the others, the SS7010 jigsaw manufactured by Starrett is very light and robust, making it very easy to perform professional and domestic jobs with great safety and precision.

This model also has the orbital action feature that allows several movements, making it possible to make cuts upwards, downwards, forwards, backward, vertically and horizontally, in addition to angular and straight cuts, among other diverse characteristics.

Battery-powered jigsaw.

Battery cutting tools: Manual band saw

The battery-powered manual band saw is a machine made to cut different types of materials, shapes and dimensions. In particular, the Starrett SS1005 band saw is an ideal tool for field work or difficult to reach places where there is no electricity.

The band saw blade is standardized and guarantees the performance and quality of the cut performed, this tool is also light, allowing the equipment to be taken to any location. Another advantage of this tool is that, by means of a quick change and tensioning system, the band saw blade can be easily replaced.

This tool is robust, offers high durability and the motor torque delivers a cutting force capable of maintaining performance even in high hardness materials. In addition, the band saw has an ergonomic shape, making the service comfortable and safe for the operator.

Battery powered manual band saw!

Battery cutting tools: Saber saw

The saber saw is an excellent cutting tool, which can help a lot in some day to day activities. For those who do not know, the saber saw is basically an automatic saw and as with any saw, the cuts made with this saw are not so precise, but they are certainly very useful when you want a quick cut for example.

The use of the saber saw is very simple, as it does not have any complex adjustment, the only adjustment that the saber saw has is the cutting area. In addition, removing and placing the blade of this tool is very simple, as a side lever releases the lock for the blade, that is, just insert or remove the blade.

Saber saw with Starrett battery.

To close the benefits of these tools, we have to mention the possibility of using the battery of any other Starrett tool, since the company created a unique model for the tools, that is, if you have any other tool with the Starrett battery, the batteries can be used in the various tools.

The video below shows other types of cutting tools, the characteristics of each tool, whether electric or not. In addition, the video shows the ideal cutting tool for each type of work.

We finished another article, we hope to have helped with tips on battery cutting tools. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!