Building electrician, what does it do?

If you need to change the shower, install a lamp or install an outlet, you will certainly be looking for a professional qualified to perform such services, an electrician for example. But, in fact, what is the area of ​​operation of the building electrician and what is learned in a building electrical course? In addition to answering what the building electrician does and what is learned in the building electrical course, we will also present some tips on how to be a good building electrician. Come on!

Building Electrician – Performance

The electrician can basically work in three areas, which is residential, building and industrial, but here we will specifically address the building electrician.

The electrician is a professional who, regardless of the chosen area, has the responsibility to carry out various activities such as the elaboration of small projects, although the electrician is not a designer, execution of electrical installations, preparation of commercial proposals, an inspection of installations, carrying out corrective maintenance. , preventive and predictive, in addition to many other activities.

The maintenance area is one of the ones that professionals are most interested in, where normally to act as a maintenance electrician he must have knowledge in electrical installations, development of installations and infrastructure.

Learn what a building electrician does.

Building Electrician Course – Objective

There are several types of courses for building electricians, either face-to-face or online courses, where all of them aim to train qualified professionals to work in the civil construction segment. The professional trained in the building electrical course will develop skills related to the execution of electrical processes and the maintenance of the low voltage electrical network in buildings. Where the duration can vary a lot according to the educational institution, in some cases it can reach approximately 12 months.

The Basic Building Electrical Course, aims to transmit objectively and clearly the basic technical information on building electrical installations. The building electrical course is indicated for those who seek knowledge about the operation of the electrical part of a residence or building, perform installations and maintenance on them.

Building Electrician Course – Syllabus

The building electrical course addresses several themes and subjects such as, first aid, how to act in emergency cases, collective and individual protection measures, safety in projects in construction, assembly, operation and maintenance, as well as learning about the rules and regulations applicable to work at height, risk analysis, systems, equipment and protection procedures.

The student of the building electrical course will learn about acronyms and abbreviations, fundamental concepts, electrical power energy, tools and components, conductors, conduits, frames and boxes, protections, inspections, maintenance, among others.

Building Electrician – Tips

Many professionals have a certain facility to provide services, where all experience should be valued, so show your client your technical capacity, be transparent, presenting a budget that is as enlightening as possible, in addition to always ensuring safety, I try all necessary care.

One of the most important points studied in any course related to electricity, is precisely focused on safety. We are aware of the dangers that electricity offers and this is the point to be highlighted in electricity, but unfortunately not all professionals are aware of the risks of their profession, which is why it is important to train more and more and know the rules for each activity. Many of these professionals do not know or do not follow NR10 , which is the standard responsible for regulating electricity safety.