Can a bricklayer do electrical work?

Pedrecista or zé sparkle are pejorative terms used to refer to the bricklayer who does electrician jobs, but how come, a bricklayer who does electrical work? Can a bricklayer do electrical work? In this article, we are going to discuss this delicate subject and show you when a bricklayer may or may not work in the electrical field, come on guys!

Training courses for masons and training courses for electricians are important so that both professions are valued and professionals are increasingly successful. There are several training courses for both electricians and bricklayers, and it is very important to seek this professional training.

When can the mason work with electrical services?

Can a mason work with electrical?

As we all know, electricity is very dangerous and knowledge and training are required to work safely with it. The mason can qualify in various professions and in the case of electrical, he can take a technical course and become electrotechnical. The big problem is when the professional works with electricity without any training or qualification.

In this case, the problem is not that the person is a bricklayer, he can be a baker, a carpenter or any other profession! The problem in question is the performance of a professional without the necessary training. We highlight the masons here since it is quite common to find professionals in this area who also perform electrical activities.

But is there really a feud between masons and electricians? At least for most people, yes. The term “pedrecista” is a pejorative term that is used to speak of masons who do electrical work, and before anything else, we want to make it very clear that there is no problem with that, as long as the mason is trained to be an electrician too.

It was very clear that the problem is not with the bricklayer, but with the lack of training in that area, right? To facilitate the understanding of what we are warning here, it would be the same as an electrician wanting to build a house, if he does not have training, it is wrong! Unfortunately, people who hire professionals think only of the price and rarely observe proper training, that is, they are taking serious risks.

We know that in both professions, both electricians and bricklayers, professionals must deal with disqualified competition. This is the major problem in Brazil, which is easily reflected in the poor quality of electrical installations, which are almost always done by professionals without qualified labor. Therefore, it is up to good professionals to create ways to inform the client , about the risks of hiring a professional without training.

Do masons and electricians get along?

There is a very interesting video on the Mundo da Elétrica channel where Wesley from the Pulo do Gato channel talks a little about this subject. For those who do not know, he is a construction master and has several skills, including electricians. In this video he talks about the importance of bricklayers and electricians to train themselves to improve their professions, besides of course leaving their opinion about this feud between electricians and bricklayers.

We are reaching the end and we want to make it very clear that the purpose of this article was not to generate controversy, but rather to warn about the risks of an activity carried out by an untrained professional. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, we always encourage training and always talk about the importance of never stopping to study and update.

All of these aspects are important both to carry out good quality work and to deprive you for your safety and everyone who is there. If the electrician and the bricklayer work together, both can expand their area of ​​operation and form a strong partnership that only tends to aggregate, think about it!