Can an electrician wear a wedding ring, watch, bracelet, necklace? Does NR10 allow adornments?

With each passing day the concern for the welfare of workers in general increases, and this can be seen with the implementation and advancement of labor laws and Regulatory Norms (NR) that cover the most diverse professional activities, including that of the electrician.
As a result, companies began to charge their employees for complying with these rules when applicable to their activities, whether due to fear of fines, loss of tax benefits or the understanding that a retired employee is more costly. Some companies already have the correct view that security is not a cost as previously thought, but an investment that generates a better income and well-being for employees, in short, a view that security is also quality of life.
Among these concerns is the ban on the use of ornaments in the work environment, be it a construction site, a business, a hospital or an industry.

What is personal adornment?

As personal adornments, ornaments such as rings, watches, bracelets, brooches, exposed piercings and the like are considered, and ties and badges hanging with cord are also considered.

Does NR 10 allow personal adornments?

For electricians, the most important Regulatory Standard is NR 10, which deals with activities in electrical installations and services with electricity.
Among the measures aimed at guaranteeing the health and safety of workers are: It is forbidden to use personal ornaments when working with or near electrical installations.

Although it is only an item in the full extent of this NR, it is noted that it is direct and without scope for interpretation or discussion, being something so delicate that it prohibits the use even in places close to these activities;
Another regulatory standard that deserves to be highlighted is NR 32, which deals with the safety and health of workers in health service establishments, where there is also a ban on the use of ornaments. The employer must prohibit:

b) smoking, wearing ornaments and handling contact lenses at work stations;

Electrician using adornment at work.

What are the risks arising from the use of ornaments?

Each of the objects mentioned represents a risk for the electrician, both in residential and industrial jobs. The ring or alliance is one of the main responsible for the generation of accidents when getting stuck or curling up during some activity, such as when descending a ladder, with the consequence of sprains, breaks, loss of tissue or even loss of the limb. Necklaces, watches and bracelets, in addition to being able to be hooked in someplace, gain an additional risk in industries because they can get tangled in the moving parts of various equipment, and in extreme cases lead to death.

Awareness by the electrician

One of the biggest problems is the worker’s awareness of the risk of wearing ornaments. When the electrician works within an industry, the company will inspect or alert you through the Daily Safety Dialogue (DDS), which are quick conversations with workers about the risks of accidents at work; the problem starts when they are out of the supervised environment or working as freelancers because that is where the habit of using these objects comes in, an extra vanity to show off or dangerous confidence generated by years using such adornments without having an accident.
When you go to work, keep in mind the risks and especially the consequences, which can permanently affect your life and that of your family.