Card switch! How does it work, what are your applications and how to install?

Over the years, technology has been growing and evolving more and more, always with the aim of automating industrial production processes and also our daily lives, bringing comfort, efficiency, safety and savings. Thinking about it we decided to show a way to save electricity, in addition to presenting what a card switch is, how the card switch works, the card switch applications and how to install the card switch, come on guys!

What is a card switch?

The card switch, which is also known as the card key, is nothing more than an electromechanical drive system, which has the ability to control the activation of the lighting or loads connected to it through a plastic card.

A great advantage of the card switch is that for it to be installed it does not need to break walls or the like, as is the case with the Schneider card switch module of the Orion line, just plug it into the base and make the necessary connections.

Card switch operation:

This card switch works basically as a general switch, which when inserting the card in the module, its internal contact switches, allowing the passage of electrical energy through it and going to the load or circuit connected to the module. Despite the fact that this device basically works as a general switch, it is not a circuit breaker or any other protective device!

When the card is removed, the entire circuit is automatically de-energized after a while, this period is necessary for the user to leave the site before the entire circuit is turned off. Its main objective is to prevent lamps and other equipment from being turned on unnecessarily, thereby saving electricity.

Circuit activation by card switch.

Applications for the card switch:

The applications for this device are diverse, among them we can connect a minutia for example, making the power supply to the circuit work for a certain time after the card is removed. It can also be connected to a power module, to control air conditioning, other engines, doors, among others.

The card switch is used when it is necessary to control the power supply from a single point and mainly to save electricity. It is ideal for places where people circulate, such as hotels, flats, gyms and clinics.

To make it easier to understand, we can use this card switch to control the entire electrical part of the room, making the electrical devices and lamps work only when the card is in the proper place.

It is important to note that for this device to control higher power loads, as in the example above, we must use a contactor to activate the load or circuit, and the switch is only responsible for the command.

When it is necessary for some sockets to keep energized at all times, it is possible to keep this circuit out of the system, allowing you to leave some equipment loading, a refrigerator, a fridge and other equipment.

Step-by-step installation:

We will show two examples of installation using a Schneider card switch module so that one is for simpler connections, which connects only one lamp and another slightly larger one, which will connect an outlet, a lamp and an air-conditioned, so that a contractor is used.

Connecting a lamp:

This switch can be installed in either 127V or 220V connections, it occupies the space of two modules. The connection of this module is very simple, it has only four terminals, three of which are input and one output, which is the return to the lamp.

Simply connect the phase and neutral / phase cables to the terminals indicated on the device, and finally connect the lamp return cable, exactly as shown in the image below.

Card switch connected directly to the lamp.

Triggering a circuit:

This connection is as simple as that of a lamp, but because the other loads have a higher power and consequently a high current, they must be activated with the help of a contactor.

As shown in the image below, connect the phase and neutral / phase cables to the terminals indicated on the device, and finally connect the direct return cable to the contactor A1 contact and the contact A2 to the other phase or to the neutral, then the connection of the module is already done.

Card switch activated a circuit with greater power.

Once the switch is connected, now it is necessary to install the air conditioning, socket and lamp, for this we will use two contactors, one of them for the socket and lamp, the second contact for the air conditioning, as shown in above image.

This video below is one of the applications for the card switch, where the entire circuit is energized according to this device. It shows the step-by-step assembly of this circuit that drives a lamp and two sockets, but with the help of a contactor.

We finished this article here and we hope to have helped you to clear all doubts about the card switch! If you still have any questions or curiosity about this subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it, thank you!