Carnival, alerts and safety tips!

During the carnival, it is unfortunately common to see reports of accidents involving electricity, as electrical networks can pose a great risk to revelers. Accidents at a carnival of this type usually happen because metallic confetti and streamers are used at parties, which in contact with the power grid can cause serious accidents!

Thinking about it the World of Electric has made this article to warn about the risks of electric shock and, mainly, pass on tips to prevent accidents during Carnival.

Main causes of the accident
When metallic materials come into contact with the electrical network, the chances of causing a short circuit are enormous. For this reason, metallic materials cannot be used as carnival props in proximity to the power grid, as they offer considerable risks.

Those foam sprays are also at risk and can cause accidents, even though they look harmless. When sprays are thrown, before dispersing, they are concentrated and because they are made of electrically conductive material, they can cause damage to high voltage networks and consequently cause accidents.

How to avoid accidents involving electricity.
Carnival safety alerts and tips!

Another very common cause of accidents at carnival parties is the possibility of electric cables breaking due to electrical trios, and in this situation, people should not approach the cables.

Safety warnings and tips: lighting, ornaments, and floats
As we have just seen, there are many events that can generate accidents involving electricity, so it is necessary to take some precautions that seem simple, but make a total difference and save lives! It is important to be aware of lighting, ornaments and allegories, taking the following precautions:

When doing any electrical installation or even installing ornaments, consult a qualified professional and the respective electric utility.
Never make clandestine calls (cats), as well as being a risk it is also a crime!
Do not install any type of ornament near the electrical networks.
Do not launch artifacts close to the electrical network, for example, streamers and confetti, whether metallic or not.
Never throw liquids, sprays or any other material into the electrical network, as there is a risk of electric shock.


Safety warnings and tips: Electric trios and floats
Unfortunately, there are many cases of accidents that also involve electric trios and floats, so we cannot fail to warn about their dangers and pass on some safety tips.

Be careful with the floats in relation to the electrical network, because there is a possibility that the vehicle will collide with the cables and consequently drop the posts, which may fall on the vehicle and on the people around it. To avoid accidents of this type, see the following tips:

Be aware of the presence of electrical networks nearby and be careful not to come into contact with the electrical cables, which are possibly energized.
Do not travel under the electrical network if the height of the vehicles is very close, equal to or greater than that of the electrical cables. Always consider the height of the vehicle and the people on it.

Safety warnings and tips: Palanques
At this time of year, it is also extremely common to set up stands for performing shows, but not always the proper care is addressed, so please have the following precautions:

When assembling and disassembling, always consider the existence of overhead and underground electrical networks in case of excavation.
Make a good fixing of the covers to avoid detachment and possible projection against the electrical network.
Safety warnings and tips: Stereo and household
Don’t think that the dangers are just on the streets! Even in more homely environments, the risks of electric shock are present, for example, with stereos, refrigeration and electric grills. To prevent accidents of this type follow these tips below:

Never turn on electrical appliances near showers or pools.
Be careful with “improvisations”, better known as gambiarras, such as, for example, poorly made extensions and splices, poorly sized electrical cables and others.
Safety warnings and tips: Collision of vehicles with poles
There is also the possibility of collision of vehicles with energy poles and in this case, it is important to be aware of some details, to prevent the situation from getting worse, such as:

Do not leave the vehicle, as there is a possibility of electric shock if there is a broken cable in contact with the vehicle.
If there is a need to get out of the vehicle due to a fire, open the door, always jump with your feet together, as far as possible and without touching the car body.
Do not try to help the victims if a broken cable is identified, do not approach and do not let anyone near the cable. In this case, immediately activate the electric power company, the Fire Department and the Military Police.

Below is a video from the Mundo da Elétrica channel that shows in practice how dangerous items used in carnival can be when in contact with the power grid.