Diamond cup saw, what is it for?

In order to make a well-finished hole, the use of the appropriate cup saw is essential. We know that it is very difficult to make precise cuts in some materials such as brick, concrete, tile, ceramics or porcelain. So, let’s explain why it is essential to use the diamond cup saw, come on guys!

Diamond cup saw: Features

When it is necessary to make a pipe of apparent conduits where it is necessary to pass through a wall, we can say that we have a huge challenge ahead, right?

Several people choose the option of breaking the wall using a chisel, but in this type of work the finish is never good! Thinking about these situations, we came to show how a diamond cup saw can facilitate drilling, in addition to greatly enhancing your work.

You may be wondering, but why saw a diamond cup? The answer is quite simple! This type of glass saw is manufactured with materials suitable for drilling into walls and other coverings such as tiles and ceramics for example.

The big difference of this diamond cup saw to the common cup saw is that instead of blades at the tip, the diamond cup saw has teeth coated with diamond powder as shown in the image below. This is a much more efficient cutting material.

Difference between the traditional cup saw and the diamond cup saw!

Diamond cup saw: How to use?

The fitting for the diamond cup saw is the same as the other types of cup saw, but an important detail that many people may not think about is that the guide must also be suitable for this type of material. So you should always use a video drill for this type of drilling in materials such as tiles, concrete and ceramics.

In this drill we made as a demonstration you can see that we use a 27mm diamond cup saw that is manufactured by Starrett. After fitting the saw to the drill, just start the hole.

27mm Starrett diamond cup saw.

A very important tip is that when drilling, the saw must be cooled with water at all times. This is indispensable and very important to increase its useful life, in addition to facilitating the cut. When the person does not do the proper cooling, the diamond dust gets burnt and this makes the cut much less efficient.

The first hole we drilled was in a ceramic. The second hole was in a slate! Note that in both holes we use a hose to cool, as shown in the image below! This must happen during the entire drilling process.

See how to cool during drilling with the diamond cup saw!

With the use of the correct guide and cup saw it is possible to make a very smooth drilling. The end result is a very perfect hole with a great finish, as we can see in this image below.

Result of drilling in ceramic and slate with the diamond cup saw.

If you show the customer the result of a job done with a chisel and another with a glass saw, he will certainly appreciate the result you just accomplished.

This type of tool is very important for electricians who perform multiple exposed pipe assemblies. As we said, having the appropriate diamond cup saw for these types of services, can be an additional differential in your area of ​​operation, favoring the gain of new customers.