Dimmable LED lamp, how to identify?

Do you know what types of lamps can be dimmed? Is there a dimmable LED lamp? In this article, we will answer your main questions about dimming lamps and show you a LED lamp that can be dimmed.

Summarizing is regulating the amount of light that the lamp emits. The dimmer is an electrical component used to dim lamps, and has the function of controlling the amount of average voltage that reaches the lamp, for example, using a potentiometer, which is a variable resistor.

The potentiometer is able to determine the value of the electrical resistance, thus offering opposition to the passage of the electric current, thus changing the brightness of the incandescent lamp or the dichroic lamp.

The dimmer usually has a selector switch which, when turning it, increases or decreases the brightness of the lamp. The dimmer can be used to vary the brightness according to the need of the place or to decorate certain environments such as gardens, corridors, rooms and etc.

Everyone knows that the incandescent lamp can be dimmed, but not just any lamp can be dimmed, and the big question is whether the LED lamp can be dimmed or not? There is a dimmable LED lamp, but be aware that not all LED lamps are dimmable.

Led lamps

For many years ordinary incandescent lamps dominated the world market, but less than 10% of the energy consumed by the incandescent lamp is transformed into light and another 90% of electricity is lost in the form of heat.

Thinking about energy savings, they created fluorescent lamps, which are more effective than incandescent lamps but have mercury in their composition. The LED appeared like a reasonable alternative to replace the fluorescent lamp.

Who created the LED lamp?

Created by Nick Holonyac in 1963, the LED lamp was initially red, used to indicate whether the device was on or off. Over the years, the colors yellow, green, blue and white were created. The Light Emitting Diode, simplified to acronym LED, is a semiconductor electronic component, responsible for transforming electrical energy into light. The LED has a good luminance rate and a reduced size compared to other lamps.

Dimmable LED lamps

Looking at the LED lamps quickly, they are the same, but it is possible to identify in writing whether the LED lamp is dimmable on the packaging and on the lamp housing. We also find the word DIM on the packaging, which means that the lamp is dimmable. Observe in the image below the information of a dimmable LED lamp model.

On the packaging and on the lamp housing, it shows whether the LED lamp is dimmable.

To clarify this doubt once and for all we decided to test two LED lamps, one common and the other dimmable, being connected by a dimmer and let’s see what happens. First, we will test the lamp that is not dimmable, as we decrease the brightness of the lamp by the dimmer, the ordinary LED lamp starts to flash and make an internal hiss. A common mistake of electricians is to put a common LED lamp to be dimmed, although the lamp does not stop working immediately, this will shorten the life of the lamp that can burn out in a few days.

Now let’s do the test with the dimmable LED lamp. The dimmer reduces glare in a normal way and the dimmable LED lamp does not emit internal hiss, so it can be used with the dimmer.

Practical test with common and dimmable LED lamp.

The lamps are essential for our day-to-day, whether incandescent, fluorescent, dichroic, LED and etc. Daily lamps are lighting our house, street, factory and etc. But do you know who created the first lamp? Anyone who thinks it was Thomas Edison is wrong, in this video from the World of Electrical, we recreated and talked about the history of the first lamp is its true creator.