Does investing in solar energy pay off? Pros and cons!

Is it worth making an investment in solar energy? Is it possible to make money from solar energy? What are the biggest benefits of solar energy? Is there a return on investment in solar energy? If you have any of these questions, this article is for you. See all these answers and many other tips on solar energy, come on guys!

Is solar energy worth it?

The search for alternatives for profitable investment grows more and more and one of the sectors that have been most sought after recently is solar energy. Considered as an unlimited natural resource, this sector has attracted more and more investors, mainly due to the high value of oil and other traditional energy sources.

It is important to understand that this investment can be creating a company that offers the services of sale, installation or maintenance of solar energy, as well as it can be for residential or commercial use. Following our article, we will present the most interesting points about solar energy, aiming to facilitate your decision to invest or not and in which area to invest.

What are the main advantages of solar energy? See if it pays to invest in this form of energy generation!

Solar Energy: Generate your own energy

Whoever has their own photovoltaic plant installed in their residence or establishment, will pay only for the difference between the energy consumed and the energy generated. Therefore, the purchase and sale price of energy is the same, but if the generation is greater than the consumption, that consumer will accumulate credits that can be used in up to 5 years.

Another way to use these credits is to use them to reduce accounts at other consumer units, but for that, it is necessary that this other unit belongs to the same individual or legal entity and is within the same concession area.

Solar Energy: Amount of energy generated by the investment

The investment for this photovoltaic plant is paid in approximately 7 to 8 years and experts indicate that it can operate for 25 to 30 years. Therefore, everything that is generated after the eighth year becomes a return on your investment.

Solar Energy: A Sustainable Energy Source

As you can imagine, solar energy does not emit pollutants during the generation process and is an inexhaustible source. Thanks to these aspects, solar energy can make your home or establishment much more sustainable, considerably reducing the use of other energy sources that have greater environmental impacts.

As Brazil has excellent daily solar radiation, the generation of solar energy can be very large, especially when compared to many other countries. To give you an idea, Germany has average solar radiation of approximately 3 kWh / m² / day. In Brazil, this radiation can reach 6 kWh / m² / day.

Solar Energy: Property valuation

As this type of installation is on the rise, properties that rely on this technology naturally become more valuable. One of the main reasons is precisely the opportunity to reduce expenses with electricity, which tends to be much smaller and in addition the property will have an environmentally friendly energy source.

Solar Energy: Sharing

Another great advantage is precisely the possibility of serving a larger group of people. Therefore, several people can get together to invest in photovoltaic plants that can be installed in condominiums for example.

Solar Energy: Important Aspects

Investing in solar energy is not cheap and requires good planning! It was very clear that the possibility of return exists, but it is not in the short term, that is, if the person is not able to wait for this period, the chances of this investment becoming a huge headache is very great.

It is important to consider that there may be a need for maintenance, implementations of new technologies and all this generates an extra expense. Therefore, before making a decision as to whether or not to invest in solar energy, put all the spending points on paper, make thorough planning of the entire period preceding the financial return, talk to other people in the industry, and exchange information and experiences. All of this can be fundamental to help you make a much more correct decision and, consequently, keep you away from bad investments and loss of money.