Efficient electrical design and electrical installation, how to do?

When it comes to efficient electrical design, several questions arise and the main ones are: How to do residential electrical design? Is there any home electrical design software? How to make an efficient residential electrical installation? Where do I find a ready-made residential electrical project? Anyway, there are countless doubts and we want to answer them in this article that talks about efficient residential electrical installation and design, come on guys!

How does electrical design influence consumption?

A suitable residential electrical project will certainly save you a lot of time and money, in addition to reducing the risk of rework and allowing the electrical installation to function better.

Unfortunately, people continue to leave the electrical project behind thinking about immediacy! For most people, electrical design is very expensive and this is a totally wrong view since the price of an electrical project represents only 5% of the total price of a work. Therefore, this amount invested in the project will be very small close to the enormous future savings that will be achieved with the efficiency of your residence.

How to make an efficient residential electrical project?

What are ecocasas?

A house energy efficiency project is part of the concept of an eco-house, which are solutions for energy efficiency, planned during the project phase, and which guarantee more savings for your home. And when we talk about economics, we are talking about both electricity savings and water. Therefore, thinking about lighting, rainwater reuse, air conditioning and even the right choice of paint and tiles in the house, can greatly influence energy savings.

Efficient residential electrical design: How to do it?

This is perhaps one of the main concerns when it comes to building a house! If the person correctly executes what was planned in the project, he will have efficient electrical installations, comfort, and safety. The residential electrical project must follow all safety standards of NBR 5410. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional who knows how to interpret a residential electrical installation project step by step.

Electrical project: Residential lighting

The choice and installation of sustainable glass and / or fiber roofs, the use of light colors in painting and the installation of large windows that provide better use of natural lighting, will certainly contribute to the efficiency of lighting systems. All of this can influence the number of lamps in the residence and the greater the use of natural light, the greater the savings. Enjoy all these home lighting tips!

Electrical project: Residential refrigeration

The use of lining above or below the slab helps to improve the internal temperature of the residence, that is, the installation of this lining is indispensable for those who want better cooling of the house. When we talk about lining, there are several options such as the roof, plaster lowering, PVC and other types.

Another very important tip that few people take into account when building the house, is regarding the position of the residence in relation to sunrise and sunset, but how so? Observe this example, during the morning most people are going to work or study, making this the best time for the sun to hit the room, because there will be no people in this room.

You still don’t understand, it’s very simple! If the sun is hitting the room you are in, naturally, you will use a cooling system, be it a fan or air conditioning, so if you can avoid this through the project, the savings are ultimately certain. In addition to everything that has already been said, the correct sealing of doors and windows is also important to make the use of air conditioners much more efficient.

Efficient residential design: Rainwater

Few people think about saving water and unfortunately, this mistake has been crucial to the chaotic hydrographic situation we are experiencing. Thinking about ways to reuse rainwater is important both for financial savings and for nature itself. All of these points were discussed in a very interesting video from the Mundo da Elétrica channel, worth checking out!

Understanding that the correct execution of a project for a residential electrical installation is important to guarantee mainly the comfort and safety in the home, is certainly the most important step to not have a future headache. People who build houses without an electrical project are prone to suffer from a variety of problems in the facilities, in addition to spending much more time and money on rework. Therefore, always think about your safety and the people who will be in this residence, never hire an electrician who does not know how to correctly interpret and execute an electrical diagram.