Electric fence, operation and curiosities!

An electric fence is a good option for those looking for more security in their buildings and which is a common security system in urban areas, but which used to be much more used in rural areas, but which still causes many doubts in relation to the functioning of the electric fence and its safety.

Thinking about the doubts related to electric fences we created this article, to show how an electric fence works, what precautions we should take with the electric fence and clarify some myths and truths related to the security system of electric fences.

Electric fence: Main objective

When faced with an electric fence on the walls of a building, potential offenders assess the situation and give up, because in situations like these, electric fences tend to inhibit criminal actions. In addition, if someone tries to invade the site and come into contact with the electric fence, it provides a high-voltage, non-lethal shock to keep offenders off.

Electric fence: Main components

Before understanding how a basic electric fence works, it is necessary to know its main components of this security system. The security system of an electric fence is basically composed of a shock panel, shock wire, insulation rods and a siren.

Shock Center

The shock panel or electric fence electrification center has the function of supplying the necessary voltage for the system, making the connection between its common electrical system and the electric fence, programmed to emit high voltage pulse in brief intervals.

We can highlight that the electric shock plant, depending on the model, is able to identify in which zone a certain event occurred, make calls and send messages to the owners, in addition to triggering alarms and the power bank, for any problems regarding the lack of energy, among other functions.

Shock wire

The shock wire, as its name suggests, is where the electric current circulates and provides the electric shock , and this wire is usually made of stainless steel, has resistance to oxidation, high gloss and is difficult to break.

Insulation rods

The insulation rods are used to fix the electric shock wire and, as the name implies, the insulating rod is made of insulating material and aluminum.
The insulating rods have insulators, which isolate the energized wires, preventing leakage of electrical current to unwanted places, such as walls, gates, among others.


The siren of the alarm system has the function of making a long-range sound when the fence is touched or a wire is broken.

Everything about electric fence.

Functioning and curiosities about electric fences.

Electric fence: Operation

The operation of electric fences is relatively simple, and to make this security system work perfectly, some extremely important items are needed.

It is essential to highlight that to ensure the safety and perfect functioning of this system, it is necessary to install earthing rods, which is an indispensable item for installation. Grounding is important to guarantee the sensation of shock for those who touch the electric fence wires.

As seen previously, this safety system is basically composed of a shock panel that generates high voltage pulses in a short time, depending on the shock panel, this time interval is approximately 1 second with shocks that can reach up to 12,000V.

These shocks are applied to the wires that are attached to the insulators of the electric fence, which in turn are attached to the rods that make up the electric fence. The path that the electric current takes is a unique path.

The shock panel emits a high voltage pulse through one of the insulation cables and returns to the central electric fence through the other insulation cable, and when this pulse returns to the central, it performs the measurement of this pulse.

If the value measured by the shock panel is below the minimum value that was set during the installation of the electric fence, which can be up to 12,000V, the equipment activates a relay, which in this way can trigger a siren or other devices connected to the fence central electrical.

The alarm of the electric fence is made to be triggered basically in two situations, which is if there is an interruption of any of the wires of the electric fence and the other reason that can cause the activation of alarms is the electric shock suffered by those who came into contact with some of the wires of the electric fence and among other reasons, such as tree branches on the wires of the electric fence and defective insulators.

Electric fence: Curiosities

It is very common to have doubts related to electric fences, both in their operation, risks, myths and curiosities about electric fences, which we will clarify.

Does power or power outage cause the system to shut down?

The companies that developed the electric fences designed this security system already foreseeing situations like these. All products from trusted companies have batteries that can keep the electric fence up and running for up to 12 hours if the power supply to the network is interrupted.

Does the electric fence consume a lot of energy?

The electric fence does not consume much electricity. This security system has a lower energy expenditure than many other electrical and electronic devices that we have in an installation, also depending on the time of use of each device, the electric fence has a lower energy consumption.

Is the electric fence lethal?

In fact, there have been reports of fatal accidents caused by electric fences, but these fatal shocks were reports of clandestine installations, products without inmetro certification, products that do not comply with the standards.

It is important to highlight that the electric fence shocks themselves do not pose any health risks, as the current of this electric shock is extremely low, is of direct current and occurs for an extremely short period of time, which prevents the person from getting caught in the wires of the fence. We are a family owned and operated business.

The shock of the electric fence is basically to remove the individual from the perimeter bounded by the fence and cause a little discomfort in it, but never be a fatal shock. The greatest risk of any eventual fatality in these situations is the fall after suffering an electric shock.

The installations of clandestine electric fences are deadly because they do not establish an electric current limit, have a prolonged shock and in some cases this shock is in alternating current, where the effects of electric shock in these situations are harmful to the human body. The following video shows the risks of electric shock and some of the possible consequences of the shock.


It is necessary to be as careful as possible with domestic animals, especially cats, which are the most affected in accidents with electric fences, because they are used to walking on roofs and climbing walls. The shock of an electric fence is certainly not fatal for humans, but it can be fatal for some animals.

We finished another article and hope to have helped clarify doubts related to electric fences. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!