Electrical automation, understand what it is!

Imagine controlling your entire electrical system, or your lighting via an application via Bluetooth, internet and GSM. Automation is a promising field in electrical that has brought us innovations in recent years with the beginnings of presence sensors and photoelectric relays.

Today we have technologies on the market that allow you to control your lighting using your cell phone or program your entire residence, for example, you arrive at the house for a tiring day and find the air conditioning on, open the door, adjust the lighting and turn on your bathtub hydromassage, all through remote applications or a touch-sensitive device installed in your room. When we talk about automation, we can say that it is an area in constant development, tending to a minimum of human intervention, with innovative technologies and processes to serve a demanding market.

To make these resources possible, there are freelance professionals and specialized companies that accompany your project work, execution and delivery. With cards via Bluetooth or a card connected to your wifi network, you can automate your entire home or parts of it. Because it is a separate technology and made in modules, it can provide users with security, convenience, interactivity and depending on the type of device chosen, be accessed from anywhere through internet services. Automation is not restricted to homes, with the technical knowledge you can imagine a world of possibilities, as some of these technologies allow voltages of up to 250 volts.

Residential technology.

In the industrial area, we already have more advanced automation, with more complex and efficient resources that are capable of replacing human senses and processes with sensors, processors and actuators, all to serve a capitalist market, where it aims at high gains and production levels. We have daily examples of traffic lights, elevators, starting of industrial engines, control of industrial robots.

In recent years, according to the Brazilian Association of Home Automation, the number of suppliers in the automation sector has grown by around 35% and the cost of this equipment has reduced further and further, thus improving supply and demand, contributing to the multiple choices of consumers. Make no mistake, many of these technologies are not only comfort but also time and energy savings. Thanks to these innovations, a sustainable building concept was created, “Green buildings”, where they are certified with a green seal.

In the professional field where this technology is cutting edge and companies are increasingly specialized in the implementation of automated circuits, software that can monitor and present graphics resembling artificial intelligence can be found and simply monitoring the network and adapting the lighting can get savings of up to 30% in energy electric.

However, we are living in an era of innovation, where we witness global automation that addresses from homes to commercial and industrial establishments, thus being able to create a world of technological possibilities. It is enough to have the right tools in hand and the knowledge acquired over time, where we move from lamps with filaments to led controlled by computers, which in turn becomes a tool not only for convenience but for safety and economy.