Electrical engineer in Canada, how much do you earn?



Is the salary of professionals in the World of Electrical in Canada very different from here in Brazil? Do you know how much an electrical engineer earns in Canada? In this article, we are going to compare the salary of an electrical engineer in Brazil, with the salary of the same professional in Canada, come on guys!

I believe that most think it is very different, but in order to be able to make this comparison on the salary of the electrical engineer in the two countries in the correct way, first, we need to highlight several important aspects.

Electrical Engineer: Responsibilities
The first is that engineering is a regulated profession in Canada! Therefore, engineering failures that can cost many lives are severely investigated and the culprits are punished! And of course, electrical failures also come into play.

Understanding that the responsibility of an engineer is extremely great, it is essential to assess whether the salary is fair and proportional to the responsibility assumed! Knowing this, let’s compare the two salaries.

Electrician Salary in Brazil and Canada
See how much an electrician earns in Canada!

Electrical Engineer: Salary in Brazil
The time worked is an essential factor for this comparison! So, depending on the time of experience and the size of the company, an electrical engineer in Brazil can earn from 3,600 to 15 thousand reais.

However, the data from the website Brasil Brasil shows that the average is between 4,700 and 11,500 reais. Recalling that these averages take into account the desired wages and also wages paid by companies in Brazil.

Note that it is still necessary to deduct the income tax and the INSS from this amount, that is, we know that this gross amount will undoubtedly be much lower!

Electrical Engineer: Salary in Canada!
In public libraries in Canada, you will find several brochures showing complete information about each profession. This was created precisely to help the population and immigrants, in order to facilitate the choice of a profession.

In the part about the professions in the electrical field, the electrical engineer has one of the best salaries! According to information available on the Canadian government website, the average annual salary for the electrical engineer is approximately Canadian Canadian $ 83,000.

According to the information provided, the hourly wage of an electrical engineer can vary from 20 to 60 Canadian dollars, with an average of around 38 Canadian dollars per hour.

We know that the currency quote varies daily, so you can’t put an exact comparison value here. But using the quote at the time this article is being made, the hourly wage of 38 Canadian dollars would be almost 120 reais per hour. And speaking of time, what will be the weekly workload in Canada?

Electrical engineer: Weekly hours
In Canada, the working time is 40 hours a week, so it is slightly less than the 44 hours a week that many companies require from employees in Brazil. But official statistics can be very different from reality, just as we know it is in Brazil!

An electrical engineer in Canada
We decided to research other sites that deal with this subject, precisely to formulate a more grounded opinion to bring to you. What I found most interesting was the Glassdoor website, which offers a very realistic average.

Salaries on this site are based on job vacancies offered and salaries that employees themselves report anonymously. On the Glassdoor website, the average salary in Vancouver for the electrical engineer is almost Canadian $ 85,000. If we look closely, this is very similar to the information on the official website.

In Canada there is also a tax discount, so you will still have a big income tax discount in this total amount, which is currently approximately 24%. As such, the electrical engineer’s gross salary in Canada is around $ 64,000 annually.

Is very? It’s too little? What can you do with these 64 thousand Canadian dollars? I believe that this information that we will pass on below is the one that will best illustrate the difference between Brazilian and Canadian wages!

Let’s take as an example of the purchasing power of a car that is sold in Canada and also in Brazil, the car is chosen was the Chevrolet Cruze! In Canada it sells for approximately 16 thousand dollars and adding to the 12% taxes, this car costs around 18 thousand Canadian dollars!

So with a salary of 1 year, the electrical engineer can buy 3 Chevrolet Cruze Zero KM and there is still money left over! Imagine, buying 3 new cars is a lot, isn’t it? And why such a difference for Brazil?

The main key to this answer is the value of taxes! In Canada the employee pays about 24% tax on what he receives, that is, it is very similar to the tax in Brazil! However, in Canada, the employer pays only 3.2% tax on employees’ wages!

This is just one of the factors since labor laws are actually quite different and less bureaucratic. Knowing this, it is clear to understand that less bureaucracy and tax, certainly contribute to encouraging the hiring of more people, making it possible to value more and more the good employee.

If you are enjoying this topic, here below we leave a video suggestion from the Mundo da Elétrica channel, which talks about being an electrician in Canada and the necessary prerequisite.