Electrical machines, control and safety system!

As we know, the industry has always been growing over the years, going through major revolutions, bringing technological advances, more investments in safety and quality in industrial processes. Thus demanding more and more that professionals in the World of Electrical always update themselves.

Thinking about it the World of Electrical shows a control and safety system for small machines, this system uses the activation of electrical commands. The control and security system is used in several segments in the industry. A practical and reliable solution to serve the different types of small machines is the BMC control system.

BMC control system
The BMC control system is compact and easy to install, monitoring up to 4 safety devices, reaching safety category 4, performance Level E and SIL3 certified, thus meeting the requirements of NR12.

The control and security system is used to activate commands and monitor security functions and can be used, for example, in bakery, confectionery, butcher, lumber and other machines. BMC allows you to start an electric motor and monitor up to four safety devices, which in our example are:

Electronic sensors
Emergency button
Security key
Light barrier
The four devices must allow the engine to start, and it is enough that only one of these sensors is activated for the engine to be turned off immediately. In the image below we have a BMC control system controlling a three-phase induction motor with a power of 1 CV, but the BMC supports electric motors with a power of up to 7.5 CV.

BMC control system.
Control and security system for small machines.

One of the safety devices installed in the BMC is the light barrier, which when an object is placed between the sensors of the light barrier the engine shuts down immediately. The light barrier is an excellent alternative to monitor risk areas in assembly processing centers, warehouses, packaging machines, printing and so on.

When an object is placed between the light barrier sensors, the motor shuts down.
BMC control system, light barrier.

Another device is the security key that has the function of door lock and can be used in various types of doors. It is not possible to start the system to start the engine with the door open, and when trying to start the engine the LED that indicates the door’s safety key does not start. Only after closing the door and restarting the system is it possible to start the engine. When the door is closed, the lock prevents it from being opened while the engine is running, and it is possible to open the door only using a push button. One option is to use a buttonhole with the key because at the exact moment you turn the key the engine shuts off and the door is unlocked. The use of this type of buttonhole is important to prevent unauthorized people from having access to the machine control.

It is not possible to start the system to start the engine with the door open.
Security key that has the function of the door lock.

We also have electronic sensors that are used only to monitor whether the door is open or closed if the electronic sensors are not in the correct position the motor will not start, and the BMC LED that indicates the electronic sensors does not activate. Only with the sensors in the correct position can the engine be started normally, and when moving the sensors with the engine running, it is switched off immediately. Electronic sensors can be used to monitor and indicate the situation that certain elements are in. For example, identifying whether a machine’s door is open or closed.