Electrician, how much to charge for your service?

A very common question that we receive here in the world of electrical is about the ways to charge for the service. How much does the service of a residential, industrial, building electrician cost? How should an electrician do the budget? Should this budget be charged or not? A lot of people do not know how to budget the electrical service and in this article, we will talk in detail about it, come on guys!

How much to charge for the service?

When it comes to labour for an electrician, you have certainly heard about the ways to charge for the service, they are: by point or activity, square meter, hour or daily.

The electrician needs to know how to make the budget so that the price is adequate for the work to be performed, that is, without harming neither the customer nor the electrician. So, the tips we are going to pass on are just for you who want to learn how to charge for your electrical service provided!

Important tips for anyone who wants to learn how to budget the electrical service!

Electrician: How to budget?

The first thing you need to know is that in all of these ways there are advantages and disadvantages. This part is the greatest difficulty for the self-employed professional, especially for beginning electricians.

As there are several ways to charge for the service, the indication is that you learn the characteristics of each one, because sooner or later you will need to switch between them.

Electrician: Charge by a point or defined activity

This way of charging is based on a table with predefined values! The main advantage is that customers are already used to this type of payment method. However, as the values ​​are pre-defined, the electrician cannot take into account the difficulty of the activity, which can end up causing problems when carrying out the service as difficulties and unforeseen circumstances arise.

Another disadvantage of charging per point is that in a large project, the value ends up getting quite high, which ends up driving the customer’s interest away. When the work is for a defined activity, the main difficulty is to organize and manage the values, since each activity will have a price that will be defined by the electrician himself.

Electrician: Charge per square meter

This form of charging is widely used for works and service of larger installations, being more common in new installations. These values ​​vary a lot according to the region and city in which the service will be performed, based in most cases on the values ​​used in civil construction.

The main disadvantage of this form of collection is that it also does not take into account the possible difficulties or unforeseen circumstances that may arise. When the service is performed in new installations, mainly in large constructions, any maintenance or setback in the part of the masonry can delay a lot and even generate rework for the electrical part.

Electrician: Charge by the hour or daily

This form of billing can be used for any type of activity! When the electrician already has certain baggage in the business, he knows how to evaluate the service precisely according to the hour or the daily. In these cases, the possible difficulties and unforeseen circumstances end up not leaving the budget unfair, since the professional will be compensated for the extra time worked.

The great advantage of working hourly or daily is that in this type of collection you can embed the amounts you would receive in a company such as, INSS, food vouchers, holidays, transportation vouchers and others.

The main disadvantage is precisely for beginners who do not know how to define the value that includes all these costs mentioned above. Besides, of course, not having enough experience to know if such a job will need 3 or 4 days for example.

What many electricians do not think about when making the budget is precisely to take into account all possible expenses, so as to prepare the profit margin. When service expenses are not considered properly, it will certainly cause a loss.

If there are no unforeseen expenses, obviously they will not be the planned ones! You must inform the customer and this will even serve as a basis of trust, increasing the chances of the customer relying on your services again in a future need.

Electrician: To charge for the budget or not?

This is another very common question and we can say that it goes to each person, but what we can say is that charging the visit fee can be very complicated and it is not always the most interesting!

Although it is not an unfair practice for those who charge, the professional who does not charge for the visit and the budget tends to have an advantage because this ends up being a differential, since the client will seek the cheapest option possible.

In this video below the Mundo da Elétrica channel you can check out several tips on these charging methods, it is very worth checking out!

Electrician: Charging fair price

Another very common question of good professionals is how to know if the price is right! As this can vary a lot, we will present the points that should never be made, from these points you know what to avoid to make your work more and more fair and honest.

The greater your training, the higher the amount charged for your service. Therefore, always look for activities compatible with your area of ​​training and especially, do not want to receive right away the same value that a professional with various backgrounds receives.

Having good hand tools for work is essential for safe and quality work. In addition to safety and efficiency, this can enhance your service because it gives credibility to the customer.

And finally the main tip of all, never covers an unfair value knowing that it could be different! If the initial expenditure planning was greater than the final one, inform the customer about the difference and if the payment has already been made, return the difference amount, this makes a huge difference.

Finally, there are always new technologies , new components and work practices on the market. Always seek constant training, as this is essential for the success and appreciation of the professional in the World of Electrical.