Electrician: how to become MEI – Individual Microentrepreneur?

If you are an electrician or know someone, this article will address a very interesting subject that few know about. Do you know the advantages of being an electrician with CNPJ? Who can be an individual micro entrepreneur? Is it worth it to be a self-employed electrician?

On this topic, a Complementary Law was approved. The Law is 128/8, which has gone unnoticed by many people. Several experts highlighted the changes that changed the Statute for Micro and Small Enterprises. This change offered great advantages to entrepreneurs, and the biggest novelty was the creation of MEI or Individual Micro entrepreneur. These changes took effect in July 2009.

With this change, hairdressers, street vendors, street vendors, cosmetics sellers, greengrocers, electricians and other professionals who work without being able to prove a formal income, can also be an Individual Micro entrepreneur.

What are the advantages of this new Law?

The advantages presented with this Law make it possible for entrepreneurs with small businesses to dream higher and plan for better growth.

  • Legalize the free service and annual declaration – These services are made easier by accountants. It is important to note that only the first annual declaration is free.
  • Guarantee of rights to Social Security benefits – MEI entrepreneurs will be entitled to Social Security benefits such as retirement by age.
  • Get your own legal personality – By having the company registered in the National Register of Legal Entities, this entrepreneur will be able to buy, sell and even participate in bids, that is, new opportunities to generate extra income.
  • Issuing invoices – It may not seem important, but many businesses do not happen without the possibility of issuing invoices. Therefore, it is a new door that opens. It is important to emphasize that the issue is only mandatory when there is a sale 
  • You can hire a registered employee – It is important to note that this employee needs to receive between the minimum wage and the minimum wage of the category, paying only a small percentage of the employee’s salary, as Social Security.
  • It will be possible to apply for bank loans – After the formalization of the company occurs, there will be the possibility of making bank loans with interest rates much lower than those practiced for individuals.
  • Sickness allowance – If you have a health problem that will take away from working conditions, you will continue to receive it.
  • Maternity allowance – This benefit fits for women who wish to analyze the benefits of becoming an Individual Micro entrepreneur.
  • Better discounts and terms – Suppliers always offer better conditions simply because they work with a CNPJ person.
  • Minor children pension – This benefit will be granted in case of death or imprisonment.

How much does it cost to formalize?

A lot of people may be thinking, these benefits are really excellent, but currently, I barely have the money to pay the bills, how am I going to pay to formalize? This thought is correct, but you must rethink and analyze the case very well. See what the costs are, it is worth putting the bills on paper.

  • Cost of opening the company Microempreendedora Individual (MEI) – There are no costs, it is completely free .
  • Accounting costs – There is no need for an accountant.
  • Federal taxes such as: IR, PIS, COFINS, IPI, CSLL – You are exempt from all these taxes mentioned.
  • Other Taxes – There is only a fixed monthly fee that is charged in businesses and industries, which are charged to cover the provision of some services.

What are the documents to be an Individual Micro entrepreneur?

To become an Individual Micro entrepreneur you will need to access the Entrepreneur Portal – MEI and register. From now on, we will tell you what documents you should have on hand to speed up the process. You must inform the CPF number and also the date of birth, in addition to the voter registration number or the number of the last delivery receipt of the Annual Individual Income Tax Return.

It is important to know all the rules of the City Hall for the operation of your business, regardless of what it is. After you complete the formalization on the Entrepreneur Portal, the recommendations are:

  • Print the DAS to collect the contributions to the INSS, ISS and / or ICMS for the year.
  • Print the CCMEI, which is the Individual Micro entrepreneur Certificate.
  • Print the CNPJ Card on the IRS website.
  • Fill in the Gross Revenue Report that is available on the Entrepreneur Portal on the obligations tab.

What are the conditions to be an Individual Micro entrepreneur?

There is a maximum amount of revenue that the government establishes for your activities as an Electrician. If you are not a partner in any other company and have no more than one employee, you can be an individual microentrepreneur (MEI).

It’s not absurd, is it? It is important to evaluate all your goals and plans, but it is certainly undeniable that this opportunity is tempting. The annual value to count with all these benefits is not able to reach high values. For more details just search the entrepreneur’s portal.