Electrician’s stylus, can you?

An electrician with good tools undoubtedly has everything to perform good services, efficiently and safely. The stylus can be very useful for the electrician serving several functions, but despite being useful it can offer serious risks! Here we always value the safety of everyone, and so we will talk about whether the electrician can use a stylus or not and what are the risks of the electrician using a stylus. Come on, guys!

Electrician’s stylus

A stylus is a tool that can be used for various activities. One of them is to make cuts in non-metallic parts of some components of the installation, in addition to being used to peel electric conductors, that is, it is a great alternative for those who do not have a stripping plier.

Electrician stylus: Care and recommendations

Although there are many advantages to using a stylus, it is not recommended to use any type of stylus, as they can cause accidents. The stylus blades have several thin diagonal lines, do you know what they are for?

Over time, the constant wear and tear of the stylus, your blade loses the ability to make good cuts. A good solution to simply increase the useful life of the stylus, without losing its ability to make good cuts is through these diagonal lines.

When the stylus tip is not in perfect condition, the ideal is to literally break the blade tip just above one of the lines, that is, these lines are made on purpose to be broken! This is one of the characteristics of most styles, which makes them dangerous and not recommended for electricians.

The fact that the blade is designed to break is extremely dangerous, as by peeling the handle the blade may somehow grab, and with the force exerted on it, it may end up breaking the blade, at the risk of this piece being projected against the electrician or in third parties and may injure someone.

Electrician’s stylus: Which one to use?

The stylus in the image below is relatively safer than the others, but it is not necessarily for the electrician, because it does not have electrical insulation! This stylus is recommended due to several other safety items such as, when it is not in use, its blade remains retracted, that is, it has a retractable blade.

Electrician’s stylus, which one to use?

This stylus has a safety lock and to use it just release the safety lock and press the lever against the body of the stylus. In addition, the depth of the cut is simple to adjust and very precise.

Electrician’s Knife

As we mentioned earlier, stylets are not necessarily tools for an electrician, the main reason being the absence of insulation. Therefore, we recommend a knife for electricians, as they have a certain degree of insulation required for safety.

Electrician’s own knife, with insulation.

This knife is part of a line of isolated tools, offering total security for those working with electricity. We recommend this knife for activities carried out in low voltage installations, that is, in networks of up to 1,000 volts in alternating current and 1,500 volts in direct current.

The electrician’s knife follows the requirements of the international standard IEC 60900 and the requirements of NR 10. To ensure total safety, this knife is subjected to rigorous quality tests.