Energy saving card works? Negative ion card


Whoever heard of a negative ion card or economizer card? Does it even work? Is 220V more economical than 127V? Liter of water above the standard saves energy? In this article, we will answer these questions and talk about the 3 biggest myths about saving energy. Come on, guys!

There are several lying methods for saving energy, which turn out to be true but is nothing more than myths. When they are people who have no knowledge of electrical and believe in these myths it is even understandable. But when they are “professionals” in the world of electrical supporting these myths, you can’t believe it. So we decided to separate three myths about saving energy that is very common to be used.

Energy Saving Myths – Standard Water Bottle

Today it is not so common, but in the late 90s and early 2000s, it was very common to see several water bottles on the streets above the standards of energy meters. At this time a legend arose that the water bottle above the standard saved energy. But what justifies people to believe that a standard water bottle will save energy?

Water bottles on top of energy meter standards.

There is a story, saying that it was a way for a woman to warn her lover when her husband was away from home. But one day, the husband came home early and asked his wife why he had a standard water bottle, the woman justified saying that it was to save energy. Well, the story spread, that’s how this myth emerged and for many years people kept this habit that is nothing more than a myth because there is no scientific basis that justifies water bottles above the standard to save energy.

Energy Saving Myths – Energy Savers

Who has never seen a WhatsApp message about such an energy saver, or even seen videos on the internet about it? This myth is one that even deceives those who have no knowledge of electrical, but deceiving the “professional” in the world of electrical is too much. Some economizers promise to save by correcting the power factor, others by regulating power and even more absurd ones, promise to save energy with a card that has negative ions and just stick it on the QDC

There is no scientific explanation as to how negative ions can reduce the energy bill because the explanations that “the card promotes energy improvement in the flow of electrons ” make no sense. Think, if there was a piece of plastic with negative ions that regulated the flow of electrons as promised, a cable company would simply do cable insulation using this material, because that way the company would sell a cable that would save electricity. Imagine how much money this company would make, but no big company is making cables with negative ion insulation, because it doesn’t work and ION cards and energy savers are myths.

Energy Saving Myths – 220V saves energy

Among several myths, that the 220V house saves energy is the most controversial. Any electrician who has done and paid attention to the electrical course, knows the ohm laws, the power formulas and knows that consumption is directly linked to the power of the device. So two 1000W devices, for example, one designed to work at 127V and the other designed to work at 220V, the consumption will be exactly the same because both of us the power is 1000W, the power has not changed. What makes many people confuse is that at 220V voltage the physical installation requires thinner cables and this generates savings in the installation of cables, but never in energy consumption, 220V saves energy is also a myth.

220V house saves energy.