Types of Fuses For Electronics Engineering

What is a fuse?

The fuse is a device used to protect electrical and electronic devices. This device allows the passage of current while it does not exceed a set value.

Fuse symbol

How does it work?

A fuse is made up of a filament or sheet of metal that burns to cut off the passage of electrical current. If for any reason this current begins to increase and will enter the circuit with too high a value, it would ruin the electrical device.

For that, a fuse is placed before the current enters the circuit. If the current is very high, it will increase the temperature of the filament, so it will begin to melt. This will cause the circuit to open, not allowing more current to flow, and causing the high current to not reach the circuit.


Types of Fuses :

Being a very common device there is great variety, and can be classified in different ways, either by its type of material, its use, the amperage, etc., etc. This time we will talk about a more generalized way about what types exist.

Types of fuses:

  1. Cylindrical
  2. Of blades
  3. From pill
  4. Glass encapsulation
  5. Chicote
  6. Threaded plug
  7. Cartridge
  8. Of lead
  9. Diazed



These types of fuses are made with a ceramic tube which is very resistant to shocks and internal pressure. Inside this tube, which has a cylindrical shape, is the sheet that is what makes the fuse work.

cylindrical fuse

2.Of blades

It is also known as NH fuses. It is the type of fuse that is usually used against short circuits and overloads in certain distribution facilities.

There are two types of blade fuses with the hammer and without hammer

blade fuse

3.From pill

This fuse is very similar to the cylindrical fuse in its operation.

pill fuse

4.Glass encapsulation

These are the fuses that are built with wire or with a foil, which are covered with a glass tube. This is installed between the power supply and the circuit. Once a current greater than its admitted values ​​is detected, it will melt, breaking the current flow.

Glass fuse


Type of fuse that makes use of metallic wire or lead, which when found overheating in the circuit melts.


6.Threaded plug

It is presented as a cylindrical porcelain tube, although it is also constructed with other similar materials, which at the same time makes use of a threaded jacket that is used to enter the circuit.

Fusible screw cap

7.Of cartridge

Formed by a tube made of insulating material, which uses metal supports as a means of closure and which is what makes it enter the pressure circuit

Cartridge fuse

8.Of lead

They are shown as a piece of wire based on a lead which is inserted into the circuit. This once it detects the current intensity melts.

It is the oldest fuse that is known today, they are not very safe and they rust and corrode very easily. These went into disuse since they also spill over the entire circuit when they melt and melt.

Lead fuse


Fuse built on cartridge or pellet base, which is placed on the threaded crown and at the same time is fixedly screwed to the fuse holder base.