Hex ratchet wrench, applications and features!

Have you ever used a ratchet wrench? If you have a wrench that changes the way you work, it’s the ratchet wrench, it makes the job easier. In this article the World of Electrical shows how it works and how to use a hex ratchet wrench.

Hex ratchet wrench

The wrench with ratchet system is one of the tools that most facilitates the professional’s life. There are several models of ratchet wrenches on the market, such as hexagon, screwdriver, phillip, allen etc.

But the most used model is the ratchet hex wrench. The hex ratchet wrench is used for screws with hex head and its mechanical system allows the wrench to turn only to one side, making it easier to use for tightening or loosening hex screws.

When using a regular hex wrench, when tightening or loosening it is necessary to keep removing and placing the wrench to adjust the tightening position. This is not necessary with the ratchet wrench.

We are going to show two types of ratchet wrenches, the first is the standard ratchet wrench, with chrome vanadium steel body, chrome finish, special coated handle, reversible ratchet, quick release system and 45 teeth. Where it is possible to exchange pipes for different sizes of screw heads.

Standard ratchet wrench, where you can change the pipes.

And the second hex key is a kit of hex keys that all keys are ratchet and do not have to change the pipe. It resembles a common hex key, but with a ratchet, making it simpler.

Ratchet hex wrench kit.

How does the ratchet system work?

In both types of ratchet wrenches there is a wrench or lock, which when changing the lock position the ratchet changes its function to tighten or loosen the screw.

On the standard pipe ratchet wrench, simply turn the wrench at the top written to tighten, to lock the ratchet to one side or the other.

Ratchet wrench system that changes the wrench rotation.

In the hex key kit with ratchet, just push the lock up or down, thus locking the ratchet to one side or the other.

Change of rotation by pushing the lock up or down.

The ratchet system is simpler than it looks, it consists of a gear that rotates in both directions and a lock that prevents the gearfrom turning depending on the position the lock is in, see the image below.

Ratchet system with gear and lock.

This system that locks the rotation to one side, but allows to rotate to the other is the great differential of the ratchet keys.

To change the pipes of the standard ratchet wrench, simply press the button at the top of the wrench and remove the pipe. There is a sphere at the bottom that prevents the pipe from entering or exiting and when you press the button the sphere allows the pipe to be removed and fitted.

How to change the ratchet key pipes.

This feature in English is called “quick release”, which means quick release, it is very important when you want to change the socket using only one hand.

Pneumatic ratchet wrench

Another type of ratchet wrench is pneumatic, the pneumatic tools work by means of compressed air, generated by compressors that mechanically capture the air from the environment and increase its pressure, thus transforming the air into energy.

The use of pneumatic tools is more frequent in industries, but they can also be used in simple manual works. Pneumatic tools are used to replace human force in cases where continuous repetition of movement is necessary.

Pneumatic ratchet wrench.

Decreasing the time to perform a task is always important and the ratchet system keys are a great investment to save time. Another tool that also helps to save time is the stripping pliers. In the video below the Mundo da Elétrica channel, we show how the stripping pliers work.