How much does a self-employed home electrician earn? Worth it?

Self-employment has a tendency to grow in different types of services and sectors, whether due to the difficulty at certain times of being hired in a formal job, an entrepreneurial vision or simply the desire to be able to make your own schedule and not have someone to work with. to report. But is it worth it to become a self-employed home electrician? The answer is yes, as long as certain details are known.

What characterizes a self-employed professional?

It is a person who works on his own, without ties to any company, with or without professional qualification. As he is not an employee, he is not entitled to labor rights and funds such as salary and vacation, although he can contribute to social security and enjoy benefits such as sickness benefit and even special retirement because he is exposed to the risk of electric energy.
As for the gains, it should be taken into account that our society lives and works based on residences and that these have an electric grid, being a very large target audience, not to mention the work in commerce and industries that also has the acceptance of freelancers. Your salary will depend mainly on your productivity, but how do you increase it? Learn to follow.

How to be a home electrician: professional improvement

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or have worked as an electrician for decades, good professional training is essential. You can choose to invest in some courses such as Building Electrical, essential to become a residential electrician and advisable even for those who have extensive knowledge due to practice as it helps to compose your curriculum and professional presentation, AutoCAD, to demonstrate diagrams electrical, EXCEL, for better exposure of costs to the customer and any specialization course that he finds pertinent.
One must always be attentive to the news of the market and when possible learn to use these new launches and equipment. Learning stagnation can leave you behind, which can be fatal in an autonomous career where you earn for what you produce.

You can make a good living as a self-employed home electrician as long as you plan well for this career. (Photo:

Electrician service needs formalization

In addition to improvement, it is necessary to formalize your work making it really professional, granting you some benefits such as issuing invoices, which is possible by becoming an individual microentrepreneur.

Presentation and communication to an electrician

In the competitive market, you must stand out from the rest, even more so as a self-employed electrician you will not have the brand of a company known behind. The courses mentioned above and formalization help to give the customer a professional image, standing out from “curious” . In addition, one must take care of the personal presentation, as in the matter of clothing and hygiene, as often the first impression is really the one that remains and a choice between budgets can be a decisive factor.
Another factor that cannot be ignored is technology as a communication/presentation tool today. Get to know some of them that will help you and that don’t need any big investment or technical knowledge.

WhatsApp: in addition to the contact cell phone, if possible with two operators to facilitate communication with the customer, the popular “zap-zap” is used by more and more people and not only for recreation but also for professional communication, being an option economic for both parties. Just remember to create a professional profile separate from the staff.

Facebook: the creation of a company profile page is a great request to publicize your contacts and show the services you have performed, serving as a portfolio and providing greater reliability to the customer.

Google AdWords: is a Google tool where you can promote your service or your brand in a simple way and with a focus on a region and a target audience. For more information, visit the AdWords website itself.

Is it worth it to become an electrician?

Becoming a self-employed residential electrician is an interesting option as it does not require large initial investments and has a vast consumer market. The above guidelines are a basis for starting on this promising path. Our tips added to good management of your resources will end up generating more customers and therefore higher your salary.