How to buy electrical materials at a discount?

How to buy electrical materials at a discount?

In the market we can find a very wide variety of electrical .! There are many types of brands and models of products, with such a variety of electrical materials many questions arise such as, which is the best product? Where to buy? How to get discounts? In order to help the professional in the World of Electrical, we count on the help of Schneider to answer these and other questions. Read this article to the end because we will show you how to accumulate points and exchange for a prize! So come on guys!

A quality electrical installation is essential for the perfect functioning of an electrical system, be it residential, building or industrial. To make an electrical installation it is very common to use circuit breakers, cables, conduits, sockets, switches, receptacles and many other electrical accessories, as they are fundamental for the functioning of appliances, electronic devices, lighting devices and showers.

Electrical materials, tips on how to save!
How to buy electrical materials and receive discounts?

How to choose electrical materials
There are many categories of products, each with small characteristics that can make all the difference in the life of the project and especially in safety! That is why we always talk about the importance of making an electrical installation with quality products, which have been exposed to various tests and which are in accordance with the specifications of the standards.

Have you thought about purchasing a cable with a cross-section smaller than the safety standard, using cables, switches or cables that are not flameproof? Situations like these can cause accidents or make the situation worse.

Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers that do not meet the minimum safety specifications for each product. To avoid situations like the ones mentioned above, we recommend that the professionals in the World of Electrical always have a preference for the manufacturers of electrical materials that offer a warranty on their products and that they are certified.

Where to buy electrical materials?
When receiving or making a list of electrical materials the next step is to go shopping, but be calm! We must be very attentive, because unfortunately there are suppliers more interested in ending stock than helping the customer, offering quotes with different products than those requested.

The price is undoubtedly one of the main factors that determine the purchase of a product, so some situations need to be analyzed so that the result is the best possible.

Buying electrical materials in different stores is not always a very advantageous situation, because in the end, the expenses with travel or freight end up being more expensive than expected. So look for that store that has the largest possible number of products on the list, ask for discounts or partner with suppliers.

How to get discounts?
Having partnerships with suppliers is a great advantage for the professional in the world of electrical, as it is possible to have greater discounts on products, electrical material delivery services and other loyalty plans from the electrical materials store.

Another good way to earn discounts is by paying for cash purchases, so it is important to research very carefully before buying. After all, the more products you buy the greater the chances of getting good discounts!

Saving and prospering as a professional is not just about saving and discounts on electrical equipment. It is possible to save money by getting discounts on courses, earning tools and others.

Purchases that saw prizes and benefits!
Imagine a place where you can find a huge variety of electrical materials, with very high-quality products. Besides being able to accumulate points and exchange for prizes, it would be excellent, wouldn’t it?

As we said earlier, having partnerships with manufacturers is a great advantage and that is why Schneider offers benefits to its partners. Purchases of electrical materials from Schneider can generate points and be accumulated for exchange for other products and benefits, is a way to save!

To be a Schneider partner is very simple, you need to access the Schneider partner portal and register. After you have registered, you can start accumulating points with your purchases of Schneider products, just send the invoice.

Electrical materials, tips on how to save!
Schneider partner portal: Button for registering tax notes and coupons.

On the main screen of the partner portal, there is a button that directs you to the invoices page, which when clicking you have access to the fields to register the tax coupon.

When you enter you will enter the invoice number and the date of purchase, as it is highlighted in the image below, then just load the invoice image, clicking on the “Load Coupon or Invoice” button and then click on the button “Submit”.

How to buy electrical materials and receive discounts?
Schneider partner portal: Fill in data and send the invoice.

Knowing the new product lines of the manufacturers is very important for the professional in the World of Electrical, as it is possible to present customers with options to raise the level of quality and safety of electrical installations. On the partner portal, it is also possible to find all Schneider products and news, such as this plate with protection against the penetration of solid and liquid objects.