What is electricity consumption?
Electricity consumption is the amount of energy that is used to run our electrical and / or electronic devices. This consumption is measured in kilo watts hour (Kwh) and depending on how much energy is used is the amount that must be paid.

Electricity consumption

How is electricity consumption measured?
Regularly, the company that provides us with electrical service installs meters, which as electricity is used, calculates the use of energy in kWh. This measuring instrument is called a watt-hour meter or watthorimeter.

How does a wattmeter work?
We can classify two different types according to their construction and operation.

This type uses coils that monitor the total electrical flow. When the flow passes through the coils, parasitic currents are created that generate a magnetism capable of rotating a disk that in turn moves needles that indicate the Kwh consumed. The movement of the disc is proportional to the energy consumption, the more consumption it spins faster and vice versa.

light meter

This meter is more modern and involves electronic circuits for its operation such as:

Measurement module: In the measurement module current transformers and resistive voltage dividers are used to take the appropriate measurements.

Signal converter : The analog signals obtained are converted into digital signals
Microcontroller: This is in charge of processing all the digital data obtained to carry out the appropriate operations to calculate the energy consumed.
Non-volatile memory (NVRAM): Stores the measured data, information about the meter, parameters for reading, etc. So that in case of running out of electricity supply the data is kept.
Digital meter

How to calculate the consumption of my devices?
Now knowing that consumption is measured in Kwh, it is only enough to know how many watts our appliances spend to convert them to Kilowatts and then calculate how many hours they are working during a month.

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