How to charge for electrician service?

How to charge for electrician service? This is a very common question among electricians! What is the best way to charge for the service provided, remembering that the best way involves the fair price for both the service provider and the customer?

The part of the budget for the self-employed professional is one of the great difficulties and certainly one of the main doubts among electrical professionals. Generally, the budget should not be charged, but this is not a rule, and it is up to the service provider to decide whether to charge or not.

What is the best way to charge for electrician service?

When it comes to the way of charging for the services to be provided, the electrician must make this very clear, in order to avoid possible future inconvenience. These problems can happen since there are many ways to charge the value of a service. Therefore, clearly define this point with the customer.

The forms of charges are: charge per point, a charge per day or charge per meter frame. In this article, we will talk about the forms of charging for electrical services and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Which is the best, to charge per point, per square meter or per hour?

What is the best form of the collection?

What are the characteristics of charging per point?

Billing method based on a predefined table of values. As these values ​​are pre-defined, the difficulty of the activity is not taken into account, which can cause problems with the valuation of the service according to the difficulty of the activity.


  • Most customers are already used to this form of collection.
  • Easy definition of values.


  • The main one is not to take into account the difficulties according to the activity. This can cause the price charged for the point to be much lower than the real work he did.
  • Another disadvantage is when there are several unforeseen events and complications in the service, all of which make the predetermined value much lower.
  • This type of charge is also not the most suitable for services in places with many points, since the value can be very high for the customer and you have to negotiate this value.
  • Likewise, charging per point may not be advantageous for the service provider when there are few points.

What are the characteristics of the charge per square meter?

This is the most suitable way for works and services of larger installations. It is very common, especially in new installations. This form of the collection also does not take into account the difficulty and/or unforeseen circumstances of work.


  • Facilitates the calculation of the final value.
  • There are less chances of unforeseen events and complications since the facilities are new.


  • Do not take into account the timing
  • They may need maintenance or changes to what was planned, that is, the final value may be out of date.
  • Valor usually accompanies the table of civil constructions in the region. It is more difficult to manage this part.

What are the characteristics of hourly or daily charges?

This is the form of charging that is used for any type of activity. If well valued in terms of time or daily, the difficulties of installation will be compensated by a fairer value directly related to the longer time worked.


  • The most suitable way for self-employed electricians.
  • It can be included in the fixed values ​​the displacement, INSS, lunch value and vacation for example.
  • Facilitates the administration of costs and profits.
  • Fairer form for customer and service provider.


  • Generally, the electrician cannot take all costs into account.
  • The least suitable way for disorganized people.

To further facilitate the understanding of this subject, check out this super explanatory video that addresses, in addition to the forms of payment, experiences related to them.

What to consider when setting prices?

In addition to the honesty that must always be the main thing, the service provider must think about all expenses. After defining everything that will be spent, he must think about making profits. When the service provider makes a mistake in these calculations, either there will be a reduction in profits or there will be a loss.

When the electrician performs good planning, he is an organized, trained and mainly honest professional. The chances of him having problems with the payment method are very small. So, get to work!